US President, Donald trump declared the full termination of acts of vandalism in the country after such actions against monuments began to be punished by lengthy prison terms.

“After the introduction of a very strong prison sentence of ten years for those who desecrate monuments, statues and more. When the whole country began to arrest many people, the vandalism ceased completely,” wrote trump on his Twitter.

The riots and protests that began in the United States after deaths from police actions, African-American George Floyd, swept and other countries. In addition, the West has prompted calls for the revision of history and the demolition of monuments to those who were involved in the slave trade or making racist statements.

So, in San Francisco, demonstrators tore down the monuments of former US President Ulysses Grant, the author of the text of the national anthem Francis Scott Key and the missionary Junipero Serra. And the authorities of new York approved the proposal of the Museum of natural history on the dismantling of the monument to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.