The President of the United States Donald trump announced the creation of a “super-duper-missiles,” the rate which is 17 times higher than the existing U.S. missiles.

“We are now creating an incredible military equipment. I call it super-duper-rocket. And I heard recently that it is 17 times faster those that are available now,” trump said at the presentation ceremony of the new flag of the Space forces of the United States in the White house, his words leads TASS.

Russia has a new hypersonic missile

He noted that Russia has missiles 5 times faster than the us, and China is working on developing missiles that will be faster in 5-6 times. However, the new “super-duper-missiles” will be faster than both Russia and China almost three times, assured trump.

As reported by the Rambler, at the moment the fastest missile in the world is Russian PRS-1M. It is capable of speeds of 4 kilometers per second, which corresponds to a 14.5 thousand kilometers per hour.