Trump and Netanyahu decided the fate of Palestine, but many didn't like it

In the U.S. Congress to discuss the “deal of the century” — a plan that invited Donald trump to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Democrats need to take back the initiative, pointing, what resonance it has caused around the world: Palestine embraced the protests, Arab countries gather for an emergency summit, and the UN says about the violation of international law. In the Kremlin continue to study the plan of trump, reported the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. The Russian foreign Ministry said that should solve the problem not the Americans, and the Israelis and the Palestinians. Why the deal has caused such a reaction, and why politicians trump and Netanyahu declared about her now?

Peace plans of the Americans, as a rule, with a cumulative effect. Proposed Washington’s “deal of the century” worked like an explosive shell. In the Palestinian settlements where until yesterday it was quiet, thousands took to the streets. They don’t thank the States, and curse. Such a plan, Palestinians are not necessary.

“I would like to say this Duo tramp-Netanyahu that Jerusalem and its rights are not for sale. They are not negotiable, and your transaction will not work. After the nonsense that we have heard today a thousand times say “no”, — said the President of Palestine and leader of Fatah Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinians to work on the plan did not call. The administration of the most Pro-Israel President in U.S. history was closely consulted with Netanyahu’s Cabinet. It is not surprising that 70 percent of the population of Israel supported the deal.

“it makes sense that I have a lot to do for the Palestinians, otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair. Don’t clap for that. I want this transaction was a big deal for the Palestinians. As it should be. Today’s agreement is an historic opportunity for Palestinians to finally get their own independent state”, — said the American leader Donald trump.

Sounds like a threat, but the trump does not develop the idea thinks about the good. Palestine promises the long-awaited statehood and generously distributes the 80-page plan American patterns of middle Eastern borders. The area of Palestine can be doubled. However, according to the map, the Palestinians prepared for settlement. In the desert near the Sinai border with Egypt will be two zones — agricultural and industrial. Immigrants and lifting will pay. States promised $ 50 billion investment in the region. Disparate territories of the new state will connect the tunnels and bridges. The Palestinians will be allowed to use the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod. Still they can build a resort on the Dead sea. But the control over the Western coast of Jordan the de facto will remain in Israel.

the Tramp capital of the new Palestinian state will be East Jerusalem (not to be confused with the ancient town, where all shrines). If you carefully read the plan proposed by the United States, the Palestinians should go to the Eastern suburbs — the backyard behind the wall. However, in recognition of States willing to place their future Embassy in Palestine.

the American Embassy in Israel for two years in Jerusalem. For the status of the ancient city delegation guests long was giving the US President a round of applause. “Jerusalem remains indivisible unit of Israel, this is very important,” said trump.

the Palestinian refugees in 70 years of conflict, thousands will not be able to settle in Israel. They are allowed to live, or in Palestine, or in a third country. The Hamas movement stated plan of trump is not even worth the ink that is written.

“what is happening today, is a new catastrophe for the Palestinian people and dual us-Israeli aggression against Palestine, which aims to eliminate the Palestinian question in Israel’s favor,” he reportedofficial spokesman for Hamas Fawzi Barhoum.

Palestine insists on the restoration of its borders, which were before the six day war of 1967. When compared with the plan of trump, is considerably less.

“the Most moderate Palestinian politicians can’t accept the fact that offers Donald trump, so their refusal is understandable, understandable and expected”, — commented the political analyst, Arabist Xenia Svetlov.

80 pages explain how from Gaza to make the demilitarized zone. Even Washington expected the deal requires Hamas to fully disarm. Trump presented a plan, and the Senate was discussing his impeachment. It is not surprising that the U.S. President has the build of a successful negotiator, which is easily the knots of world diplomacy. Here and in Twitter he wrote that he fired his aide-hawk John Bolton, who saved the world: “If I listened to him, we’d be in the Sixth world war.”

trump’s Plan puts the middle East on the brink of another conflict. The Palestinian Hamas is ready to resist the Israeli Prime Minister to quickly implement the deal. In February, Netanyahu intends to submit for consideration of the Cabinet the question of the extension of Israeli sovereignty to the West Bank of the Jordan.

“I agreed to negotiate peace with the Palestinians on the basis of your plan. Mr. President, I hope that the Palestinians will take your vision of the world, will take the plan that you, your team, and we so diligently developed to achieve this,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Happy trump and Netanyahu disagreed, and newspaper buzz: the Israeli Prime Minister the plan is needed because it is the homeland under investigation for corruption. And trump’s impeachment is in full swing. Still want votes evangelists in the fall elections. Not the entire world took the deal with enthusiasm. Turkey has declared that this enslavement of the Palestinians. In a similar vein, spoke of Iran, Syria. the League of Arab States made a statement:

“the First acquaintance with the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump points to a huge violation of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians to their land and many unacceptable represented a compromise of ideas,” said Secretary General of the League of Arab States and Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

the Plan proposed by trump, analyze in the Kremlin.

“We know how the US administration always seeks to find radical solutions to many international problems. Not everywhere yet it brings positive developments. Of course, I would really like to see the Quartet of international mediators — Russia, the USA, the UN, the EU also undertook to review the situation. Mechanism that, by and large, been dormant in recent years, not in any way involved in order to help you to find mutually acceptable interchanges,” — commented Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey. Lavrov.

the Plan of the trump plan “B” does not. Possible revision of the document. But they will write us-Israeli Commission. Palestine will only have to sign. To think Washington has taken four years, but Ramallah has already given an early answer.