Trump and Netanyahu agreed without Palestine

Donald trump presented on the eve of a new plan to resolve the situation in the middle East. Under the terms of the so-called “deal of the century” envisages the creation of two independent States, Palestine will double their territory. In addition, Washington offers associate Palestine — Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan river, a high — speed transport links.

trump was about to announce their “deal of the century”, while the Israeli delegation had already bathed him in applause. Last year, he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, and now in his peace plan has secured the status of a city. “Jerusalem will remain undivided, this is important, undivided capital of Israel,” — tore the storm of applause Donald trump.

Later he misspoke, of Palestine will be East Jerusalem, but not one where all the shrines, and the backyard separated by a fence. Behind the rows of barbed wire should appear in the capital of the new state of Palestine. Call the city tramp offers all the same al-Quds and in recognition of, the United States is prepared to place its Embassy.

“to create a successful Palestinian state, we ask the Palestinians to meet the challenges of peaceful coexistence. This includes the adoption of basic laws enshrining human rights, protection against financial and political corruption. It is also necessary to stop the incitement of hatred against Israel and financial support to terrorists,” said trump.

just To be clear, Twitter trump posted a map with explanations in English, Arabic and Hebrew. The new state can move 70 percent of the lands of the Western coast of Jordan. That is, the Palestinian territory will double, you will have access to Israeli ports on the Mediterranean sea. The Gaza strip and the West Bank will connect the bridges and tunnels. Washington promises $ 50 billion of investment in the economy of the region.

“I sent a letter today to President Abbas. I explained to him that the area allocated for the new state, will be opened and will remain intact for a four-year period. And, more important, my vision suggests that the Palestinians are given the time necessary to get up and solve the problems associated with the establishment of an independent and perfect state, ” said Donald trump.

With the Palestinian leader, trump explains in the letter. Mahmoud Abbas, the plan was perceived in bayonets, and the calls from the White house does not respond, the Israelis need to believe the best.

the peace Plan written by US in collaboration with Israel, plan “B” does not provide — only the document’s revision. But here it seems to cost the two of us. Development details will be specially created U.S.-Israel Commission.

publication Time historical, as it is called in the White house, the peace plan looks strange. 70-year-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict, now there is an acute phase, in the region, in General, easy. Problems trump and Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister in the homeland is under investigation for corruption, against trump’s impeachment. Newspaper gossip: both policies is important to protect themselves, showing themselves to be creators of history here and now, not really thinking that something might not go according to plan. Palestine has already made it clear that not everything will go according to this plan.