Trump administration cut aid to Afghanistan after a visit Pompeo

“the United States deeply regret that the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani and former Prime Minister, Abdullah Abdullah, informed the Secretary of state Pompeo that they are unable to agree on comprehensive government, able to solve problems governance, peace and security and to ensure the health and well-being of Afghan citizens,” said Pompeo in a statement, adding that the United States is “disappointed with the behavior of the two politicians, and “the failure of negotiations had damaged U.S.-Afghan relations”.

the Afghan Authorities released 1,500 Taliban

Recall that on Monday Pompeo made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, despite the fact that most official government travel us officials was canceled because of a pandemic coronavirus.

According to Pompeo, the failure of talks between the two leaders constitutes a “direct threat to the national interests of the United States, which entered into force immediately.”

According to the newspaper the Hill, the White house intends to review the framework for cooperation with Afghanistan. We are talking about reduction of financial assistance to Kabul for a billion dollars, not only in 2020 but also the same amount in 2021. In addition, Washington will begin a review of all programs and projects of cooperation with Afghanistan to identify opportunities for more financial cuts.

the state Department made clear that USA do not refuse any partnership with Afghanistan or American commitments to support Afghan security forces. So, soon the United States will provide $ 15 million to combat the spread of coronavirus in Afghanistan.

the United States will leave in Afghanistan nearly 9 thousand soldiers

Abdullah and Ghani, a longtime political rivals, became involved in a struggle for power after the September presidential elections in Afghanistan. The national election Commission announced Ghani the winner of elections last month, however, Abdullah continues to contest the vote results. Bitter rivals even held in early March, various the inauguration ceremony, Abdullah and promised to form a parallel government.

in addition, representatives of the Taliban (a group banned in Russia – Approx. ed.) called “the elections are illegitimate and contrary to the peace process.” According to experts, the outright hostility in relations Ghani and Abdullah negates the efforts of States to achieve progress in the transaction administration trump with the Taliban.