Gardeners and owners of private homes outside the city a good shake in the discussed networks, the news that this year, all water facilities – boreholes and wells at sites it is necessary to draw properly and to pay for use of water resources in specie.

To the editor was showered with calls from readers: how much to pay and how long? But most sincerely admitted that they pay nothing of the finances, as they say, sing songs.

According to Rosstat, in Russia officially home to almost 30% of the population in private houses in the villages, IH, SNT. And so much for the city leaves in the summer, so do not count. And they, or rather we, uncontrollably and totally free squander water.

in 2017 In the law “On subsoil” there was a separate article that regulates the rules of production and water use. According to this article, all physical and legal persons on the site of the well or wells are required to register them.

To 2020 was declared the water Amnesty is Making such objects was declared free.

Few people took advantage of this opportunity. Now, judging by the hot discussion on the Internet, and by the fact that in 2020 a long time to come, the design will have to spend time and money.

We were asked to comment on the situation of the Union of gardeners of Russia.

– Who of us now have to pay and how to apply our artesian well?

the villagers, the owners of IH, just the traders in their gardens can calm down their of these requirements is of no concern, explained to us the leading experts. – An artesian well is a complex hydraulic structure that is able to afford a municipality or a large enterprise. All of them, well, are registered and marked on maps of the General Plan. And provide users with clean drinking water.

But if someone on the site drilled well and from there it pumps water?

– It is not artesian, it’s just a hole in the ground. The well is also “a hole in the ground”, all the vast majority, unable to calm down, they don’t want to make. The license to the owners of these artesian wells: municipalities and some SNT, which they recognized as such objects. This is a costly procedure, involving exploration that defines aquifers.

All of this is prefigured by the “Water code”, there are specified and the formula which calculates the amount of payment for used water resources. Municipalities and SNT for a long time already pay for water use. Even if they have not yet had time to obtain a license.

at the beginning and At the end of the season special Commission taking water samples and determine the quality of clean drinking or not. If you are lucky and even on my personal teaching��of TKE from the well you drink water, it doesn’t mean she’s drinking. It refers to the household.

In General, as we understood from the comments of experts, we, the vast majority, this time bypassed. The head should hurt those who own these artesian wells are legal entities, and they will receive fines from 800 thousand to 1 million rubles. We are not concerned. In any case, for now. And then, I can also install any payments “for the repair of the Failure.”