2014 overran the terrorist militia Islamic Scheer state (IS) in the Iraqi metropolis of Mosul, and reached the height of its Power. Now he has lost his dominion. However, an end to the jihadists, that does not mean.

After months of Fighting troops have taken under Kurdish leadership, the last Bastion of the IS in Syria. The place Baghus was liberated and the military victory has been achieved, informed the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), Mustafa Bali, on Saturday via Twitter. “The Syrian Democratic forces to explain the complete destruction of the so-called Caliphate and the territorial defeat of the IS to 100 percent.”

five years Ago, was the IS at its peak of Power

Thus, the war against the IS in Syria and Iraq, reached after nearly five years comes to its preliminary end. The extremists had achieved in the summer of 2014 the height of their Power, as they were able to overrun the Northern Iraqi metropolis of Mosul. Shortly thereafter, the terrorist militia proclaimed a “Caliphate” under the leadership of IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the preaching was in a mosque Mossuls in the case of a Friday, the only Time open to the public.

The jihadists controlled at that time, a vast Region that extended over large parts of Syria and Iraq in the first place. With the beginning of the international military intervention under U.S. leadership, the IS lost his dominion, however. With support from the air, it brought local troops on the ground under your control.

The IS remains active

With the victory over the IS also had an early withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, more likely, the US President, Donald Trump announced in December. However, after the last plans of the White house, nor is it a contingent of forces in the country.

The withdrawal plans of America, have triggered massive criticism. Military officials and observers warn, the IS is not defeated, in spite of the defeat, and could become stronger again. In a few weeks ago, the Pentagon published the report it means that the IS to stay active, and could in six to twelve months again. (cat/SDA)