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Who to get money from the government? How long is it sustainable to have strict measures? And should we, or must we lend?

Thursday’s partileiardebatt was a bouquet of important questions about koronaviruset.

in the Middle of it could chose Trine Skei Grande, to share information about their special sjukdomsbilde to emphasize the seriousness of the issue:

– I am sincerely afraid of this sjukdommen, she says.

Venstreleiaren have taken leave of absence from the meeting of Parliament for the ho is in risikogruppa, which means that it easier can be serious sick of koronaviruset.

– I have a immunsviktsjukdom, asthma and diabetes, in short, a sjukdomsbilde that do that not I should be out among the people now.

Partileiaren in the Left stressed that it is such as she this dugnaden is about.

– There are very many of us who are expose and it is important that people have respect for that, for many, this is very scary, says the avtroppande partileiaren in the Left.

– I kvir me to go out

Grande says that she thinks people not think of that also persons under 60 years may be subject to koronasmitte.

People should think more of that, for certain groups, is it to keep a distance, livsnødvendig, think partileiaren.

– I kvir me to go out. People manage not to keep your distance. When I went for a walk on the Ekeberg, one day, people came for the hands-on, ” says Grande.

She underlines that you are not always looking at people whether they are in risikosona:

– This is not something that seems to me. When you are a girl of 20 years, so think you that bestemora di can be the frame of the korona, but not the one that goes past you on the street, ” says Grande before she underlines the message:

For me, this is dangerous. The people must have some tolerance.

See the debate here. You need javascript to see the video.

See the debate here.

Will help the companies to cover the expenses

During the debate discussed partileiarane how they will help Norwegian companies that have been forced to shut down with to cover the fixed expenses.

There are namely many who sit back again, with huge expenses despite the fact that they have laid off employees and made other efforts to cut direct costs.

Measures that the Parliament has brought about reduced taxes, reduced arbeidsgivaravgift and cheap loans helps only partially to the problems for several.

In the morning, the hope of many that the government will come of these companies in the face.

In Denmark, there is already adopted a scheme which allows businesses that have received orders to close can get compensated up to 100 per cent of the fixed costs of their from the government.

the Opposition believes the government in the morning should come with measures that to a greater extent ensures they these companies.

the Idea is that when you over night beordrar anyone to shut down their business activities, for example frisørar, who has not done something wrong, so they must get support, ” says Jonas Gahr Støre, and underlines:

– We have not afford to lose these people. Them that are forced to close them we need help, and those that have been dramatically omsetningsfall, them we must help.

point out DENMARK: Jonas Gahr Støre believes the Government must meet the Norwegian løpande expenses for businesses that are without income, as Denmark has already done.

Photo: Vidar Ruud

Erna Solberg will not respond in detail at how similar stimulus package, which will come in the morning will be the Danish, but underlines that they are working with to find a good løysningar on these questions.

– It is known that we come with measures of this type in the morning. We are committed to making a Norwegian scheme as a suitable candidate for our society, says prime minister .

WILL NOT HAVE LOVPÅLAGDE CUT IN LEIGEPRISAR: prime Minister Erna Solberg will not use the appoint and the rules for cutting leigeprisane.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix the NHO: Unemployment is at its highest since the 1930s, the Red will force down husleiga

Raudtleiar Bjørnar Moxnes think the government should use nødparagrafen in husleigelova to help both businesses and private individuals.

A his fiscal policy spokesperson in Parliament, Kari Elisabeth Kaski, and stated to Aftenposten that one should consider to impose utleigarar to cut in leigeprisane.

The laid husleiga should really “monne”, many businesses need to have covered the expenses they have lost, at the same time, not the money go to fill up kontoane to eigedomsbaronar. Therefore, if we are to halve husleiga to both businesses and private individuals, ” says Moxnes.

WILL FORCE the LEIGEPRISANE DOWN: Bjørnar Moxnes (R) will force the huseigarar to halve leigeprisane for businesses and private individuals.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Through the nødparagrafen (§ 4-6) can the government cut husleiga for private individuals and businesses.

Paragraph sound like this:

If the conditions make it necessary, the King may, for specific periods, specific area or specific lease agreements stipulate leigestopp and maksimalsatsar for rent. The king can and will give regulations as to what shall be treated as the current rent.”

Erna Solberg think it is in utleigarar their interest to keep leigetakarane their through the crisis and that, therefore, it is not necessary to appoint and the rules for cutting in leigeprisar

– Utleigarar want to have businesses there in the future and therefore should they be included in a collaboration, but I do not think that to go into with the government enkeltregulering on this challenge is løysninga, she says.

THINK, STUDENTS are HOST DISCRIMINATED against: Partileiar in the MDG, Une Bastholm.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NPK Bastholm: – Very diskriminerande

the Government will on Friday present a separate krisepakke to the students. The ministry of education could be as early as Thursday to tell the students between anna will be paid the scholarship for the spring semester 15. april, in addition that it is possible to take up additional loans of up to 26.000 million.

It is believed many yet not enough. Une Bastholm, head of the MDG is one of them:

– They are in this context employees and I think it is very diskriminerande against a group of workers, that in this context and are students, she says.

Bastholm pointed out that it’s not just 19 åringar to have a little extra money, as jobs aside from the studies and that several students serve over 75.000 which is the minimum requirement for unemployment benefits.

– I think what has come of the signal from the government is very deceptive, and something that the MDGS cannot support in parliament, ” says Bastholm.

Kjell Britain Ropstad (KrF) and Trine Skei Grande (V) point out both that the Nav of their system already sprengde and that they therefore think it is best to help students through the Norwegian state educational loan fund.

– the Nav is overloaded and therefore we have made this system this time and then we’ll see how long this lasts and what consequences it will have for us and the students with their finances, ” says Grande.

– But why don’t get students jobs money on an equal footing with other employees?

– Many of the other krisepakkane that is added ahead is and loans. En tries to help students through the likviditetskrisa and then we need to look at how we should solve the problem if it continues as it is today, says Grande.

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