Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has drawn ire across the political spectrum, attacked on all sides for what some see as groveling support for President Donald Trump, while his backers insist she’s abandoned him.

Though Haley posted a tweet ostensibly in support of the president on Thursday afternoon, praising Trump for “his leadership of conservative victories” in congressional races and calling for “transparency” and “fairness” in the vote-counting process, some in the MAGA camp deemed the message a ‘eulogy’ for Trump’s campaign.

While some of us are fighting for President Trump…Nikki Haley is eulogizing him. Sad!

Conservative podcaster Jesse Lee Peterson also took Haley’s words as a veiled dig at the president, translating her tweet to say “I don’t care if Trump wins or loses,” while others called her loyalty into question, urging to be more vocal in backing the commander in chief amid a still-undecided presidential race.

Where were you last night?

Nikki, @POTUS deserves better than this from you. A tweet is in the safety zone. Time to actually take a STAND on the Capitol Steps and declare your loyalty for people to see.

Netizens across the aisle had a wholly different reading of the offending tweet, with one self-avowed Democrat slamming her for pushing a “forever Trump” agenda, while another labeled the ex-diplomat “Tricky Nikki,” saying the post showed her “caving to public pressure as always.”

Oh look, Tricky Nikki caving to public pressure as always. Draw the curtains hun, he’s done.

We will always remember your complicity. Your narrative is forever trump.

I am quite sure the truth will, Nikki.And you will never wield power again, for your complicity in the monstrous crimes of a monstrous president.

CNN pundits Joe Lockhart and Kaitlan Collins all but accused Haley of taking orders from the Trump campaign, suggesting her tweet came at the direction of the president’s sons, who’ve enthusiastically supported his reelection bid.

That didn’t take long.

Wow. @realDonaldTrump and @EricTrump say jump and Nikki says how high?

While Haley has come to the president’s defense throughout the 2020 campaign season, the former ambassador has directed criticism at her ex-boss in the past. After stepping down as UN envoy, she wrote in a 2019 memoir that she was “deeply disturbed” by Trump’s remarks following unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, frequently misquoted to suggest he deemed neo-Nazi demonstrators “very fine people.” Before he took office, Haley also sparred with Trump on the campaign trail in 2016, demanding he release his tax returns and charging that he refused to “disavow the KKK,” though that feud was apparently mended before she joined his administration less than one year later.

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