During the spring months of isolation clients insurers complained to the Central Bank, almost twice less than previously. The regulator believes that the reason for this was not only a decrease in the activity of insurers, but also improve the customer focus companies. However, the complete departure from the unscrupulous practice (primarily in insurance) speech does not go yet: only the Central Bank has counted six versions of the improper conduct of insurers in relations with motorists.The amount received in Central Bank complaints against insurers in April—may this year decreased by 42%, to 4.49 million versus of 7.77 thousand for the same period a year earlier, said Tuesday during the forum on insurance innovation the Deputy head of the CB Department for the protection of the rights of consumers and to ensure the availability of financial services Ivan Kozlov.As before, mostly complained about the CTP. While complaints about the incorrect calculation of the coefficient of bonus-Malus was only 2 million (41% less), in terms of e-sales, insurance — 316 (minus 49%). Decreased number of complaints for failure of the order and timing of settlement of losses by 40%, to 865. According to Ivan Kozlov, in the period of the pandemic, insurers proved “positive”. However, cases of improper treatment of the customer was. “The period of the pandemic is not the time for improper practices,” warned Ivan Kozlov, promising violators immediate reaction of the controller.Today, the Central Bank posted on its website a list of such practices — in relation to CTP six of them. This, in particular, the imposition of additional products for the electronic sale of mandatory insurance. “The insurer, when concluding contracts e-CTP uses the preset consent of the owner of the vehicle at the conclusion of the contract of voluntary insurance that is not a prerequisite for signing the contract”,— informs the Bank. Typically, a pre — agreement is already filled cell on the lips, similar to the background of the site. CB recommends that insurers not to use the preset format of the consent of the clients on their websites.The second trick from insurers — unreadable CAPTCHA code. Companies use a combination of Latin and Cyrillic characters, as well as using the same colour as the background characters. In the end, the client is not allowed to purchase insurance (thus insurers unprofitable for them regions shy away from the obligation to conclude a contract CTP). The regulator advises companies to exclude such a trick and regularly test the conclusion of contracts e-insurance.Unfair practices expect clients not only in sales, but and loss regulation. As noted, the Central Bank, insurance companies “determine the organization of repair the damaged vehicle under the insurance contract, the conclusion of a tripartite agreement between the Stoa, the insurance company and victims.” In this tripartite agreement does not specify the timing of repair, “or you have the option of committing to treaties additional entries, which allows insurance companies to enter values that are not consistent with the victim”. In this part, the Central Bank insisted on separation agreements from the auto repair, the victim should be given the right “to indicate his own consent/disagreement to increase in terms of repair of the vehicle without the possibility of entering the insurance organization additional values”.Besides, the Bank insists on the removal of the directions for the repair of the paragraph on the consent of the victim to the use of used or rebuilt components. Repair using used parts in CTP — the subject of a long discussion of the regulator and market participants. To reduce the cost of payments by the company to insist on the lack of difference in the repair of old and new parts.Another type of unscrupulous behavior, the Central Bank refers to the direction of car owners for inspection of the vehicle to a different division of the insurance company, than that in which he appealed for the conclusion of the contract CTP. As a rule, sales offices cannot conduct inspection in the same day because of appointment or significant queues. The Central Bank proposes not to drive the customer over the network of the insurer, and in case of failure to agree on the venue of inspection of the vehicle to enter into the CTP without this procedure.Completes the list of incorrect practices, the imposition of the injured in the accident, the responsibilities for payment of services for the conduct of examination, an independent examination of the damaged vehicle. The duty of the organization of such services is entrusted to the insurer, claims of the Central Bank. In this part, companies should obtain the written consent of the victim to pay for the inspection if it is conducted not by the insurer, and (or) independent technical expertise — with the proviso that the costs will be reimbursed to the victims.”We will consider the recommendations of the Bank of Russia in respect of certain practices of insurers,”— said “Kommersant” Executive Director of the Russian Association of motor insurers Evgenie Ufimtsev.He noted that the decline from year to year the number of customer complaints suggests that “the situation with satisfaction with the quality of insurance services from car owners is good.” According to him, the average in 2019 CTP received about 1 thousand complaints per month. “Given that mandatory auto insurance is about 40 million of contracts per year, the share of complaints is only 0,03%,”— said Evgenie Ufimtsev.Tatyana Grishina