He lives on the Wild West. In the cinema, of course. And, believe it or not, also in the Triathlon. Wild-West-like the state of Texas extends approximately in the moving regularity of the Ironman in the Woodlands in the US. There is Daniela Ryf (31) denies today is your first long-distance race of the new season (Saturday starting at 13.25 CET, live on ironmanlive.com).

vagaries of the weather and organization chaos dominated the race from the beginning, to the wild West Farce it was last year. To stretch a short bike and run, the wind shadow to free refills, overwhelmed organizers.

as a result of right, such as shock the end result: world best times. The World Triathlon organization (WTO), owner of the brand Ironman granted, last not least even the blessing. As the world would be recognized as the record in the 100 metres the Fastest at 80 meters.

Ryf Coach etches

Powerful athletes and experts outraged, among them Brett Sutton, the success coach of Daniela Ryf. “I’m often asked: Why are you in Texas next Ironman?”, he etched in the Blog trisutto.com.

“it’s Very simple. Because of the coal, and because the WTO has a monopoly.” Their greed for profit destroy the Ironman, and the hunt for records is against its nature. “The harder a course is, the more difficult the conditions, the higher the value of a Finish.” This is the essence of Ironman. “The race in Texas will want to avoid the serious athletes.”

All right, Mr Sutton! But why Ryf starts in Texas? “My personal views on the Ironman are not connected with the Coaching of Daniela”, Sutton align. His criticism of the race he wished to maintain. With a view to their season, planning to do it sense that you are doing now, a long distance in the United States.

Ryf is convinced “that the organizers have fixed the problems”. You want to test just your Form, and “early for the world Championships in Hawaii in October to qualify”. Reasonable goals, alone, they could also be elsewhere.

In Lanzarote in may, for example, the toughest test, since it is Ironman. But the Wind and altitude to thwart any thoughts of games to records.

the best time for eternity?

you’ve abandoned the hunt for the world’s best time, asserts Ryf. Nevertheless, she sees in the super-flat Texas, probably the opportunity of a lifetime, if days form and race votes.

Jan van Berkel, 2018 will be the Fifth in the Wild West, prophesied soul mates: “Daniela, will establish a world record for eternity.” Well. Only eternity can be in the Sport of short duration.