Tretiak said that the championship KHL, VHL, MHL must be brought to its logical end

Vladislav Tretiak Vladislav Tretiak
Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN Moscow

Federation of hockey of Russia after the abolition of coronavirus world Championships 2020, which was to be held in the Swiss cities of Zurich and Lausanne, has already begun preparations for next season.

“the Early end of the season teams – no reason to postpone our Affairs, – said the President of the FHR Vladislav Tretiak. – Preparation for next season has already begun. We thank the fans for their support, players, coaches and everyone who works with our teams for the hard work that we will carry for next season.

At the same time, the hockey season isn’t over. We hope that the Championships of Russia, children’s and youth competitions will be played out. The championship KHL, VHL, MHL must be brought to its logical end to determine the Champions when we get the permission to carrying out of competitions and the whole country, the whole world will defeat this virus that interfered in our plans, but only made us more responsible and strong.”

Now the championship KHL, VHL, MHL suspended because of the Directive of the Ministry of sports, the options for the continuation of the season are considered.