anyone Who was 40 years young, had determines the hairstyle: the mullet. The hair cut was the Look of the hour: short in the front, long in the back. Rod Stewart (74) sang with the Mat in the neck, and spines on the head, full of Conviction, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (Do you think I’m sexy?), and Nena stormed with “99 air balloons” the hit parade.

David Bowie (†76) celebrated Stardust, the anti-hairstyle already in the ‘ 70s, as “Ziggy”. Popular, unconventional hair was a glory also in the case of football players, especially from the Eastern bloc countries. Sexy this Look was never a rebellious Statement.

Trendsetter reluctance

Now it’s probably the ugliest hairstyle of all time is celebrating a Comeback, so hard to kill you but was never. It emerged as a wig Gag at carnival parties – in Belgium, a mullet is the annual Festival celebrated – and some of the carrier could separate the long, or not at all from the beloved Look. This also includes Rod Stewart. That makes him currently, rather unintentionally, into a Trendsetter.

Because suddenly, the mullet has re-emerged everywhere: on the catwalks of Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger, the Cover of Vogue with Supermodel Gigi Hadid (24), and even Heidi Klum (46) in the “GNTM”-Show. The model mom forced Chicks Zoé Saip (18) to a hydrogen-blond mullet – tears-Drama, that was the career but quite beneficial.

And now even the sexy: In the successful Netflix series, “Stranger Things” sprayed Billy with his schmaltzy nostalgic beauty ideal. Actor Dacre Montgomery (24) in true life by the way short hair.

The ideal Gender of cut

another reason why the cut in the hip age is well received: the gender issue. The mullet combines short, the Male – “the front” – and the Female – “long in the back”. Therefore, the hairstyle is also regarded as the sign of recognition among lesbians.

The hairstyle remains, however, but also in her Revival of what was already in their beginnings: initially a Protest against conventions and conventional ideals of beauty, which was then the fashion. Who, however, had a mullet, can’t even catch.

Martin Dürrenmatt: In the fashion shoulder pads or checks are back. All of the big Designer style, currently long hair to a mullet. I am convinced, the mullet-cut will be more in demand than ever.

Everything comes back to you, also this cut. In the next season of the mullet will make the Bob competition. He will also be in the next few years, in Trend, but perhaps a little sweet styled than in the past.

a haircut recycled ? There are no new hair styles?
The wheel you can’t reinvent, just at the present time. The mullet is adapted to the current fashion. That is, the rear, it is styled up to the shoulder. The cut is very versatile, you can wear it smooth, but also with gentle waves.

em fit such a hairstyle?
not for the Average guy for sure! For this you have to be a little brave. There are strong personalities who ask me for such a hairstyle. Or then I cut tracks for campaigns or photo.

Advise I would women and men with a very narrow face, because the cut elongates visually. Best hairstyle for women and men with an oval face. Who has more trains per day travelling round face, just needs a bit more length.