the First “postcoronary” weekend, conveniently coinciding with the abolition of digital badges, on the Day of Russia, wished to hold with feeling, with properly, with deliberation. In my case, not only to remember the taste suddenly and irrationally taken away local authorities ‘ freedom of movement, but also to make a very serious choice — braked mode to solve the isolation problem of buying a new car.

moreover, I have long outlined a voyage in an old Russian town, where, alas, despite its proximity to the capital, never was. And with the brand and model of the desired car kind of determined, but in the test it did not have time: the start of sales of the latest crossover practically coincided with the “pandemic” closing including dealerships. And now here it all came together: going to a KIA Seltos to Pereslavl-Zalessky.

the First “bought” me back in February when premiere test drive the novelties of the market returned my colleague just indecent for an experienced automobile journalist enthusiastic about the model. Well, maybe not happy, but with a clear assurance that Koreans are the first on the market — offered to consumers totally unexpected for the segment is not very expensive SUV’s decisions, more typical of more prestigious cars.

But the second “took” ancient legends, a story in which are intertwined, and never came undone still pagan and Orthodox our beliefs. So many times heard and read that, indeed, the time had come to see with their own eyes. And here we go: to combine, as they say, two in one.

Assuming that devoid of the “digital leash”, people in droves rush with me out of town at the first opportunity, forming on outbound motorways mind-blowing jams, decided to cheat, paving the way to Pereslavl rather unexpected route.

Figuring that anywhere especially not rushing avtomotostariny “seven versts — not a hook”, moved on pay-M11 “Neva”, then to a Small tarmac А107 to pop up on the Yaroslavl area, Rostov-on-don, without suffering any congestion in the capital, neither at the head sections of Federal highways. Do not guess.

“Paysite”, took me 500 rubles for comfort and speed, dragged before Congress on А107 — a measly 40 km — nearly an hour and a half! These “tubes”, I confess, not seen for a long time, and is not expected at all. Although it is understandable: much saving on construction, the concessionaire of the “erected” in the end between the two capitals a two-lane track that can handle loads only in normal days, when to pay for travel fun money can afford a few Russians, and trunk, in fact, empty. Under normal load, not to mention the peak load, it slips, like all the other Russian direction. Rescued KIA Seltos. More precisely — has greatly facilitated girly mash suffering.

Implemented here autopilot second level (adaptive cruise control, keeping a car in the center lane, honed (even, in my opinion, too honed) monitoring “dead” zones) allows the driver to almost fully relax, even when tarkanian in hours-long traffic jams. “Celtos” steadily moving at the minimal speeds, virtually requiring assistance, “captain”: accelerates, brakes, steers-taxis. On the free sites where you can put cruising at 120-130 km/h, these skills are even steeper, although here and there some issues about which I will say later.

in the meantime, breaking paid out of pocket a plug, pulled out of the operating room. А107 and to Dmitrov highway, and then from Dmitrovka to M8 “Kholmogory” if not flying, it goes very fast. And then — to the Pereslavl — problems hardly arise, if not to take into account permanent road repairs. In this sense, the M8 is not lucky for many a decade in a row: the responsible Department can’t turn the track into a first class highway, non-stop undertaking here and there reconstruction-patching-prestroyki.

That, incidentally, greatly limits the ability of these smart cars, like the same KIA Seltos. His autopilot is powerless on the erased, and even intermittent road markings. And in places where the white stripes on the pavement at the behest of repairmen overlap then red, then yellow, electronics of a car and is lost and eventually just stops to keep the car in the lane, not knowing where is she, this band. However, to help the driver coming the other assistants, actively warning about dangerous rapprochement with the neighbors in the thread and the side and front and rear. Although, as I said, usually do it with such a large margin that experienced the “steering” such concern for the safety begins to strain.

But first, the “advisers” digging in the settings, it’s easy to deactivate. And secondly, for novice drivers or, say, insecure avtoledi these e-tips are very useful. About myself I will say that, having rolled out for limits of Moscow region, almost to the Pereslavl (not counting areas with the notorious roadworks) completely trusted the car and limiting the speed of movement of the mark of 80 km/h, neither “bagels” nor pedals almost never touched — so was holding, admiring the scenery and chatter with a companion.

Alas, but the town has not pleased me as much as the car delivered here. Sergiev Posad, Rostov, Yaroslavl, not to mention Suzdal, look much more presentable and better to the travelers. But the authorities Pereslavl-Zalessky, p��worse, don’t see in tourism a serious income and in this sense, the city does not follow. It’s all a dull, shabby, almost devoid of decent sidewalks, not to mention equipped for Hiking Hiking trails. Although the latter is even identified in the guides.

Alas, but the compilers somehow not warn that curious citizens in such campaigns is better to go in boots: dirt in places almost impassable. O Lord, and these metal monsters, which the natives consider bridges over the river Trubezh? And its embankments? Here, it seems, nothing has changed since the time of Alexander Nevsky, who was born-was baptized here, exactly 800 years ago. But what are the point of attraction could be there to create, take care of the city administration on this issue. And the locals would say thank you.

And so, you know, even a worthy backdrop for filming the stylish KIA Seltos in Pereslavl there: fashion, elegant, very modern not only in its “stuffing”, but appearance the car looks good only against Orthodox shrines. In short, a city that is on the tourist potential (history, culture, crafts, architecture, activity) is not inferior to, if approached with care, even the already mentioned Suzdal, frankly vegetate, Wanderers absolutely not charming…Well, not that is not charming… With some locations offer such views — breathtaking! I highly recommend to meet at least one sunrise or to watch a sunset from the hills of the village Veskovo (near city suburb) or, for example, the walls now turned into a Museum Uspensky Goritsky monastery. And what a good landscapes on the “arrow” Pleshcheyevo lake and the Trubezh, on which stood the temple Forty martyrs of Sebaste!

Notice here that the pilgrimage theme in the application to the Pereslavl deserves a separate discussion. And not only in connection with its monasteries, hiding behind its walls the relics of saints. Even small churches that (like, say, the sign) did not even discover the beauty and history deserve a pious visit, and forgive me, Lord, just for the sake of interest.

And even cost to go to Holy spring of great Martyr Barbara. Especially if you worship not only Christian but also pagan gods and almost the first thing that came to Pereslavl, went to the piece of meteorite, now referred to as the Blue stone, touched and even stood on it. No, that this object of ancient pagan rituals-beliefs can be considered a place of power, no doubt even the most rabid skeptics. But the question arises – what forces of good or evil? So, not finding the answer to this question, it is better to plunge into Varvarino font. From sin, so to speak. Moreover, the place is not only free grindingennoe, but also very beautiful. And the Blue-stone to his doorstep in less than 10 km.

the Road, however, is disgusting. And after rains, especially. By the way, I got to “fuzzy” period. But again, do not disappoint Seltos. It is, of course, never SUV and knead it on a real dirt is not worth it, but the blurred primer, and broken-graders, filled with water almost to the hub, the machine takes quite confidently. And thanks to the “weighted average” for the class ground clearance of 190 mm, and the AWD system (traditional for a segment of a multi-plate clutch with electronic control).

by the Way, thanks to some offroadin claims “Korean”, I managed with the help of local Susanin, to get it off the beaten path, even on primer is not similar to another local place of power — Alexander’s mountain. Not in that part, of course, where there is a Memorial cross, but almost-almost — to the located near it amusing fortress. And in this Woe, I tell you, is the essence not only of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy and Russia. All our pagan-Orthodox essence.

originally there (in the days when the hill was called Ariline baldness) sent their cults of idolaters. A century later, was a monastery, perished in the Troubled years. And then, until the early twentieth century, the local inhabitants used to set up promenades, dedicated to the day of St. Alexander, or to one of the pagan festivals in honor of spring — the citizens themselves did not know that so much fun celebrating. By the way, and now on the mountain holds many festivals in the winter, people riding on a sled-skiing, and ratsastusta tourists Ratsastus. Out did it and I…