The US space Agency Nasa has made in the last year, global attention. Only this had nothing to do with space travel, but with a fashion trend. T-Shirts and jumpers with the blue Nasa have become Logo on it among young people, to Renner.

Since the 1990s, Nasa has begun a bunch of innovative projects, but zero of them pulled through. She serves as an icon of the West in the space race, the order of the symbolic defense of the market economy, with billions from the state Treasury is far from fulfilled.

it Remains at this reading, she nevertheless allows for the rise of Elon Musk (48), Jeff Bezos (55) or Richard Branson (68) to multi-billionaires. The Tech titans are building now with your own money, missiles and aircraft, to fly to the moon and further into space. Musks company called SpaceX, Bezos’ Blue Origin and Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

in An industry as small as the Canton of Uri

in Total there are 375 private firms in the industry, for the most part in the United States. The number comes from the Space Angels, space investment company. That there is such a company that shows that here is a market has developed.

Yes, he is still small – the Space Angels manage only around 40 million Swiss francs. The entire industry has collected in the last ten years 19 billion Swiss francs of private investment. That’s the equivalent of the economic output of the Canton of Uri while at the same time. Or the annual budget of Nasa.

Elon Musks main motivation for space travel: “If there is a third world war, then we should ensure that there is sufficient human civilization in order to bring them back and to shorten the dark age.”

most of The others want to earn money. On the one hand, the Work for the state: So, Virgin Galactic flew, for example, in February, on behalf of Nasa into space to test materials. The two pilots in the plane is called Spaceship Two flew at three times the speed of sound at an altitude of 100 kilometres above sea level.

Musk and the Japan-billionaire

The Plan is to make this next year with tourists – six people have behind the pilots seat. A ticket for the three-hour flight with five minutes of weightlessness will cost 250’000 Swiss francs. So far, Virgin Galactic has collected more than 80 million.

that is reason enough to go to the stock exchange, as the owner of Branson last week announced. Already in 2021 he wants to write with his All-business profits. On the moon, he will be able with this technology, but no one to shoot.

Musk, however, in 2023, wants to take the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (43) there – price is unknown –, Bezos 2024 first robotic and then human.

Nasa has announced that with their rocket first to the moon and 2028 there again to land circles. Unlike any other, you want to set up there, then, but a fixed Station, where astronauts live permanently and later Trips to Mars prepare. If this succeeds, you would have to return at last to their pioneering role.