the 1. Icelandic landscape: Once at the island cruising

The Icelandic landscape is so beautiful as it is diverse: Lush green meadows, the woods, the rugged volcanic landscape and the mountains alternate with beaches of black sand. If you want to experience the entire beauty of the island, you should allow at least ten days. Leads to all the main attractions and Highlights are the so-called ring road, which leads to a total of 1300 kilometres, even to Island.

The North of Iceland North of the Arctic circle is very close and is ideal for Observing the natural spectacles: The Northern lights can be seen from September to April, the midnight sun from may to August.

2. The southwest: Green moss, volcanoes and waterfalls, gaze at

The landscape in the South and West of Iceland with visitors due to its variety is very popular. The West is especially dramatic, because here are the most beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and thermal pools in the country. One of the most famous waterfalls of Iceland (about four hours from Reykjavik) is the Seljalandsfoss, through the water veil you can admire the landscape. Great Photo Subject!

those Who would like to see in the life of a geyser that shoots up in a fountain from the floor, should head to the famous Geysir in the Haukadalur valley, a visit.

3. The icebergs in the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón

admire On the East coast of Iceland the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón is located. The Arctic in Iceland’s largest national Park is one of the Highlights of the island and a popular film backdrop. In the Winter, the ice from the Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier drive, in the direction of the sea. If you are lucky, you can also watch the seals frolic in the water. The black beach is called Diamond Beach because of the washed-up pieces of ice shining in the sun like jewels.

4. On a horse through the countryside, horse riding

in addition to the riding on the Island, Hiking is particularly popular. The Icelandic horses are world-renowned for their gentle disposition, their fur and their Size is known. In addition, they are the only race in addition to step, trot and gallop on a fourth gait, the Tölt. For the rider this gait is particularly pleasant. To get a more interesting fact: the unique purity of the breed, it is allowed to return an exported animal never.

Who wants a Ride on one of the island horses, is on the German farm Helluland happy. Of course, beginners are welcome.

5. In Namafjall like on Mars

One of the most impressive volcanic feel in Iceland, Namafjall in Northern areas. The flat landscape seems a bit as if you were on Mars. Everywhere hot steam from the earth’s interior is rising and no wonder: Here it is on an active volcano! In the hot springs, it sizzles, and a heap of stones hot Smoke rises. An absolute Must-see in Iceland.

Who wants to do something Good health, you can also bathe in the North of Iceland, for example, in the Mývatn thermal baths, under the open sky in the hot springs.

6. At the Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon in Justin Bieber’s footsteps

convert The most beautiful canyon in Iceland is the Fjaðrárgljúfur in the South of the island. Steep rock walls open up the views of a mountain river with crystal clear water. So far, you could also choose the direct route through the gorge. Due to the increasing tourist onslaught, she had to be locked in the spring of 2019 for the protection of Vegetation – the view from the edge is still impressive. Many of the visitors came after Justin Bieber had filmed the music video to his Song “I’ll show you”.

7. Original life in the village of Vik

Vik, a small coastal town at the southernmost point of Iceland, in the ancient traditions of the country are still alive to experience. The place in the valley with a red roofed Church is a popular photo motif. The Highlight of the rock formations in the sea, reminiscent of lace needles are. In the neighboring Bay, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and with a little luck, even puffins can be observed.

Vik, there are some tours to the nearby Mýrdalsjökull glacier. This, with its ice caves ideal conditions for an unforgettable hike.

8. Away from the crowds of the Peninsula and the West fjords to explore

For true lovers of nature, a trip to the mystical West fjords. In this landscape in the West of Iceland you can enjoy the peace and quiet away from the tourist flows. Who takes the journey will be greeted by picturesque fishing villages, deep fjords and hidden coves. From the town of Ísafjördur, the Region can be relaxed to explore.

The best way to explore the Region is from the water. With a kayak Tour from Ísafjördur, you can experience the most beautiful Highlights up close.

first of all: It was the most beautiful trip of my life. The island, with about 350 000 inhabitants has its own laws, calls you and gives. Island rocks, in the truest sense of the word! From a desired destination became a relationship of love.

Meike Baumann, of Kontiki travel information:

Who travel to the Island, grabs after the onion-shell principle. To joke the inhabitants of the island care: “If the weather is not like in Iceland, just wait five minutes!”. the weather changes. Wool also belongs in the country with half a Million of sheep to the most practical of clothes. You transported the short hike to the volcano the moisture away from your body and keeps you warm, when you look at the glacier from afar. Ideally, one has to blow on it always have a light rain jacket in your backpack and, since it rains in Iceland, also horizontally (the Wind because, according to experience pleasure), is a soft-shell pants an excellent companion. Also in the summer, not the hat forgotten, especially – but not only – if one is travelling in the highlands. At the same time, the swimwear do not forget that you will need in Iceland, every day, to warm up with the nose in the fresh air in the warm water and to keep, under certain circumstances, a cosy chat with the Icelanders.

– binoculars for sightings of seals, whales, elk (hiding in the East), Fox, Polar, snow owls and trolls. Elves, you will not see any.
– credit card for the Hot Dog, the Skyr, the fish chips or other Snacks, as well as for everything you need on a trip. At every petrol station you can pay to be soft-serve with a credit card, you do not is an important companion in the Island, particularly towards the end of the trip, if one is not sure how much Icelandic kronur you need.
Trekking – or ankle-high Hiking boots with a hard sole.

trip tips for a trip to the westfjords
– “The Icelandic Sea Monster Museum” – funny Museum with a small Café and a souvenir shop.
– The “Arctic Fox Centre” for all, the Arctic foxes do not live have seen and it is absolutely want to. In the garden of the centre, you will find foxes in an enclosure with two Polar.