If you ask the Copenhagen, their home city, the opinion is unanimous: The life became much more livable. The reason: The city has built a new Velobrücke over the harbour. A Joke? By no means. Because for more than 60 percent of the population, the Bicycle is the main means of transport. To rush hour is a permanent Biker-electricity runs through the city, which has been deliberately redesigned for two-wheelers. The specially designed garbage can includes, even with this noise, when Passing his coffee Cup and throw it in.


Copenhagen, like most green and most healthy city in the planet to ascend – the consistent Expansion of the Bicycle infrastructure is just a building block. No wonder that the 700’000-strong city to lead regularly the list of most livable Cities (and one of the most popular City destinations in Europe).

With a high quality of life, the happiness goes hand in hand of course: Denmark “fights” with Switzerland on a regular basis to the top spot of the happiest countries in the world. Even Copenhagen Zurich. Especially cool in the case of the Danes, however: the architectural risks, the miss is the 1000-year-old city a new look. In particular, along the port canal, new, creative structures.

Royal Opera house at a cost of half a billion dollars

the most striking eye-catcher along the water, the Royal Opera house with its free-floating roof. The house was a private gift to the Danish state and half-a-billion U.S. said to have cost a Dollar. A visit to a performance or “only” to a tea at the in-house Café is a Must-have.

the Latest project of the harbour mole at the Blox, a glass building that looks like stacked boxes: functional, linear and nevertheless aesthetic. Nordic Design. Not only the architecture is interesting, but the concept is exciting. Blox has the claim to be a city within a city with Restaurants, apartments, office space, fitness Studio and exhibition. The different areas of life and work of a metropolis should be United and people-to-people meeting places. Such is the Restaurant and Bistro from celebrity chef Claus Meyer, in which down – to-earth dishes-a lot of the ingredients come from their own gardens.

In Copenhagen, the best Restaurant in the world

at All the new Restaurants are a big issue in the Danish Capital. Meyer is crowned Co-founder of the restaurant Noma, several times for the best Restaurant in the world. After a creative break, the house has opened at new Location again, and his culinary year into three seasons: Seafood, vegetables, and “Wild forest” – one of the reasons why Copenhagen life now is more, they say.

The Danish national dish Smørrebrød translates simply as “bread and butter” – in many Restaurants the occupied sections of the same, however, is a culinary work of art. On a rye bread several ingredients and Garni towers fuses. Classic lining herring or crab, clever young chefs combine the Danish Tradition with global influences. As one of the best Smørrebrød Restaurants Aamanns in 1921, in the Niels hemming’s Gade.

you should not eat

the Restaurant, which is like a flower, don’t miss the latest rage in the Danish capital. Three Michelin stars, has garnered the Chef Rasmus Kofoed in the meantime. According to the Michelin guide, a Restaurant, an Extra-worth the trip. A menu consists of 17 courses, which change every day.

In the Tårnet you eat with a view. The Restaurant is located in the tower of the Christiansborg Palace where the Danish Parliament is housed. The view from the highest tower of the city is accordingly cool. It is served in the Danish-Scandinavian cuisine.


Since the national Museum has a new boss, swear the Copenhagen back to the traditional house. “Now there’s finally a breath of fresh air”, they say. Currently shows an exhibition about the Vikings, the well-known story in a new guise.

Every city has its Sound. In Copenhagen, it is the Jazz , the best fits to the atmosphere of the City. For jazz musicians, there are two Times in a year reason to travel in the North: the Winter and the summer jazz festival, held in various Locations, and the Crème de la Crème of the jazz world.


The Copenhagen love flea markets . Each neighborhood held its own. The largest flea market in the city district of Frederiksberg. A focus of our offer are Second-hand clothes. In Frederiksberg, the Rich of the city live – if you are lucky, you can find on the market so Designer clothes.

The district of Nørrebro, with its students and multicultural residents of the most lively spot of Copenhagen. The currently most popular Shopping street, the Jægersborggade . In about 40 stores, you can shop organic food, wine, clothes, Design, or art. In addition, there are a lot of cafes (some with own coffee-roasting house) and a Michelin-star Restaurant.


For this Selfie Spot to go high up. From the tower of the Vor Frelser Kirke in the district of Christian haven has a fantastic view over the city and across to Sweden. The tower, with its corkscrew staircase on the outer side is a Photo opportunity.

The Batteriet Sixtus is “only” a small grass hill on the bars (on the small Islands compared to the centre). From here one has a view from the port to the city centre, Amalienborg Palace and in the distance, even on the Little mermaid (which, however, is really much, much smaller than you think – 125 cm high).

Out and about

is considered to be the most famous Club in Denmark and in international Rankings, often among the Top 10. Played everything is Electronic, even the big names of the scene occur here. The Club is divided into three Areas: the Bar, a “White Box”, the small dance room “Red Box” and the main room called the “Black Box”.

The best cocktail bar “in town” is the Brønnum , which is housed in the historic rooms, which have been used for 125 years as a Café or Restaurant. Accordingly, you will feel here like in times past. The Bar consists of several rooms. The further one goes into the Interior, the darker the ambience, and the quieter the music will be.


The Manon Les Suites is the most exciting Hotel-newcomer of the last years. The interior is a cool Mix of industrial-Chic jungle Feel to it. The centre of the hotel, with 87 rooms, is a covered courtyard with a swimming Pool and a myriad of plants, a kind of hanging gardens. Top is the roof terrace with views over the city. Prices starting at 210 CHF/double room.


With the SAS or Swiss from Zurich and Geneva to Copenhagen, from Basel Easyjet flies. You can find more information here.