The catchy tune “Get your Kicks on Route 66” no longer comes to us from the head, as we were in the car, the suburbs of Chicago, driving through. What have we let ourselves in since just? A little crazy you must be to make such a trip, said the day before the Start of the border officials at the airport.

Around 4000 miles we will be sitting in the next three weeks on the control in the direction of Santa Monica on the Pacific coast. A journey through eight U.S. States (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California) and over three time zones – on the legendary Route 66.

From Chicago to Los Angeles

Or, better said, on those asphalt pieces that don’t crumble yet. Because the official Route 66 there since 1985, not more. The decline started already in the decades before, as the new car, the travel lanes are always faster and more convenient made. The end of the “Mother Road” as John Steinbeck called Route 66 in his classic “the grapes of wrath” – was sealed. However, the myth of life and the longing for freedom was stronger. Soon, people established along the road associations dedicated to the preservation of Route 66. Although the road is today, no end-to-end connection, but who takes the trouble will find well-preserved sections.

Nature and American culture

In the first part of the Route leads through hilly, green landscapes with huge Corn and soybean fields. In typical American small towns, which hardly differ from each other. The warmth of the residents on fall, the clichés Despite. No matter whether in the Restaurant, Motel or gas station All want to know what brings us foreigners, because here in the province. We have to explain it, one immediately senses the enthusiasm, and it will open Extra doors – such as, for example, in the Coleman Theatre in Miami (Oklahoma), where we obtain a guide, although it is actually closed.

Nature and American culture

the Landscape is interesting, the route from Oklahoma is. Slowly you notice the Transition in the desert-like Region of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and later in the Mojave desert in California. And the feeling to finally be in Santa Monica has arrived, and to look at the Pier on the Vastness of the ocean is awesome. Back many positive memories of the charm of the small Motels and Diners not to stay, to encounters with the Original, that would probably tell you now, if we would have had to continue. But one thing is certain: We have found our “Kicks” on Route 66.

Practical tips for Route 66 Sleep: Popular with movie stars Hollywood stars such as Humphrey Bogart or John Wayne stayed while shooting at the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup (New Mexico). The Lobby is filled with memorabilia. Double room from $ 100. the Get there: With a fork flights most of The major airlines of Europe have both a point of departure Chicago, as well as the end point of Los Angeles in their route network. From Switzerland, the Swiss, for example, offers direct connections. the eat: The giant-Steak Hungry visit the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo (TX). Those who manage to eat a 2-pound Steak including side dishes (Shrimp Cocktail, baked potato, salad, bread) within one hour, paid nothing. Who fails to submit to 72 dollars on the table. the guide: On the original route It is very helpful if you have a detailed route description at Hand. The book “USA: Route 66” (to 20.50 Fr.) convinced with precise descriptions and maps of the road. the film tip: “Cars”DVD The animated film from the year 2006 is closely linked with the history of Route 66. Be sure to look.

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