air, Land or water? Many roads lead to Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, like the Chinese city-state is known. In the case of a city trip, the key factor is the factor of time. In our case, the sea route is not obvious – of course from Switzerland! We are already in Hong Kong, an ideal starting point for a trip to this “other world”, as you call our Chinese friends. Macau and Hong Kong may have the Commonality of being a Chinese special administrative zone and the new with the longest bridge in the world. However, the Lifestyle in the former Portuguese colony in the South China sea is not only for the Locals unique: Macau is the only city in China in which gambling is legal. Add to that that she’s come since the Handover to China in 1999, within a very short time from a deep sleep, and downright booming.


About an hour, the journey with the Turbojet from Hong Kong to the ferry terminal Outer Harbour. Most of the passengers on Board are Asian. She pulls it out – like many others – in the Casinos. In Macau, glitter, gloss and Glamour meet on a regular megalomania: The Casinos, including the largest in the world, making more revenue than Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the United States.

90 percent of sales are brought by the luck of the game – a world record!

With 21’000 people per square kilometer, Macau is the most densely inhabited Region in the world.

The Name of Macau is traced back to a misunderstanding. The Portuguese interpreted the name of the local temple, “A-Ma-Gau” as the term for the entire Region.

The Casino Grand Lisboa, which looks like a palm fan, with 261 meters is the highest skyscraper in the city.

the Hotel The Venetian is a 50’000 square meters, the second-largest Casino in the world. It has 3000 machines, 870 gambling tables, 53 Bars and Restaurants, as well as 3000 hotel rooms.

In terms of records, it has the nose in front. In addition to the world’s largest concentration of luxury boutiques Courageous can take either a secured Skywalk on the outer ring of the Macau Tower or the highest Bungee Jump in the world. 233 metres in the case of the 338-Meter-high TV tower that offers from the Restaurant with a breathtaking view over the city. For those who wish to secure a Ticket to the crazy Show “House of Dancing Water”. The stage that the around 90 artists to show their captivating art pieces, has a capacity of 17 million litres of water!

if you are looking for Macau, however, parties à la Las Vegas, is definitely in the wrong place. This may be due to the culture or to the fact that it is forbidden to drink in Public. But perhaps it is also true that you can only come to Macau to gamble. It’s a shame, because the city certainly has more to offer than just slot machines and luxury shops.

you must be a gambler to visit the largest Casino in the world! The construction of The Venetian Macau at a cost of 2.5 billion dollars, it has 38 floors, stand on the Cotai Strip, on the coast of the island of Taipa in the sky. The island is connected with the mainland by bridges.

This race is one of the most important Events in Macau: Since 1954, turf racing cars and motorcycles on the 6.2 kilometres long Guia Circuit in November past the audience. Who can live, has the opportunity to visit the Macau Grand Prix Museum, where a number of Original-formula-3-cars and Oldies are on display. It is located in the cultural center Centro de Actividades Turísticas (CAT).

travel with your children? Then you may Wharf leisure Park, Fisherman’s at the Doca dos Pescadores de Macau, not to be missed. Here there are, in addition to a Casino, a Hotel, shops and Restaurants, and a Free trip to Amsterdam, Venice and Cape town – even the Colosseum of Rome was built. And while in the Dynasty Wharf Chinese arts and crafts is alive, kidnapped the Aladdin’s Fort in to the world of 1001 night. For the thrill of a roller coaster, Inside of a 45-foot, fire-breathing volcano, where it provides.

it is one of the most popular Bars in Macau: the Prem1er-Bar & Tasting Room in the beautiful Taipa Village. In addition to the great location, this trumps Bar with a cool décor and a relaxed atmosphere. Here you can enjoy high quality Drinks at a fair price for a busy City Trip really cozy in the evening.

On top of the largest hill of the old town (91 meters) is guaranteed a magnificent view. But you have to earn them and the switchbacks climb. No? Well, at the Jardin de Flora on the West side, a cable car goes up. Once at the top, Guia-the oldest lighthouse of Macau, the Farol da, next to the chapel of Fortaleza da Guia from the 17. Century.

Paul’s Church is a well visited place in Macau. This is not surprising: on the one Hand, the Ruinas de Sao Paulo, the symbol of the city. On the other hand, the facade is the only Remnant of the 1935 a fire destroyed the house of God. A tip: The stairs at St. Paul leads to the Fort Fortaleza do Monte. This was in the 17th century. Century by the Jesuits, built to defend against Dutch attacks. From the gardens with a brilliant view over the old town.

The Macanese cuisine is an interesting Mix of Chinese and Portuguese cooking. Specialties the Macau chilli prawns and the African chicken Galinha à Africana. What must not be missing, are the Portuguese egg tarts Pastéis de Nata. Local delicacies you can find, for example, on the Rua de S. Paulo, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, on Travessa do Auto Novo in the vicinity of the Senate square and in Rua do Cunha in Taipa. Chinese? Dim Sum specialities are in many places served.

Portuguese Flair

just under 500 years, Macau was a Portuguese colony. The former sailors and merchants left a large footprint. So a Mediterranean Flair and a pinch of nostalgia in the air here still. This is partly due to the fact that the colonial heritage is clearly visible and well, be it in the Form of Christian churches, schools, or elegant villas in the old town, a Unesco world heritage site. In its center, in the Largo do Senado, is the Portuguese Church of Sao Domingos, which is the old colonial splendour still correctly guessed. However, the black-and-white mosaic of the square, the arcades and the beautiful, restored buildings are clearly European, and a shop, together with tourist and Locals to eat comfortably on a bench in a Glace.

The absolute tranquillity can be found in the Templo de A-Má in the vicinity of the Dok at the Inner Harbor. This was built in 1488, when Macau was still a small Chinese fishing village. The temple of the goddess of sailors, the oldest religious building in Macau and is therefore very popular with Chinese pilgrims. Here, the city got its name When the Portuguese at the beginning of the 16th century. Century left their ships left, inquired after the name of the fishing village. The residents are “a may have answered au” – the Bay of Ama – but the Stranger understood only “ma cao”. A wonderful place to close your eyes and relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Macau, you’re just wonderful, even away from the flashy halls tables full of gambling machines and Black Jack!

Cathay Pacific flies direct to Hong Kong, flight time around 11 hours 40 minutes. Then simply with the Turbojet, the ferry or the catamaran to Macau.

Macau, like Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the people’s Republic of China. Swiss citizens must apply for before leaving to Macau for a visa. It is usually granted directly at the arrival at the airport and allows a stay of up to 90 days and once of 30 days is extended.