little more than a decade, did not know much about Qatar and its 2.6 million inhabitants. Today, the capital city of Doha has become a modern city, with iconic architecture, a spectacular Skyline and a myriad of luxury Resorts. Thanks to large Oil and natural gas, Qatar became the richest country.

In the desert state of relaxation, luxury and Action are waiting for the visitors. Whether swimming in the inland sea, camel rides at sunset, the Sand-Surfing in the middle of the desert, luxury pampering in the Hotel Spa, or Shopping-tours – nobody gets bored here. A perfect starting point for a tour of Doha.

1. Museum of Islamic arts

The Museum landscape of Doha is unique. A special Highlight: the Museum of Islamic arts (MIA), which is located on an artificial island close to the beach promenade Corniche in a Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei designed the building. The Museum visit alone because of the spectacular architecture and location directly on the water with views of the Skyline of Doha. The exhibition Inside shows several of the most beautiful Islamic works of art and objects from all over the world – from glass to ceramics to textiles, metalwork and manuscripts. A walk through 1400 years of history.

Only ten minutes from the Museum, the Al-Fanar mosque. Through their unique, spiral-shaped design of the mosque is visible from far and wide. Especially in the evening, the building is to be regarded, thanks to its lighting beautifully.

2. Desert Safari

Who is on Action, not coming in Doha. A half-hour away from the city, the first sand dunes. With the inland sea Khor al-Udaid the Arab Gulf penetrates deep into the desert. This water landscape in the South-East of the country only in the terrain, cross-country car through the dunes and have a swim in the middle of the desert.

With the all-terrain vehicle to get to the “Qatar International Adventures Desert Camp”, where you can swim, eat, drink, play Volleyball or have a camel ride. After an unforgettable sunset in the desert, you can enjoy a culinary-rich dinner under the stars in the sky.

3. Souq Waqif and Falcon market

In Doha, there is hardly a building older than 30 years. This is especially true for the markets, the Souqs. Because: After a fire in 2003, these were built from scratch. In the Souq Waqif, a lively atmosphere awaits the visitors. Shops delicacies to offer food such as dates, nuts and spices, jewellery, Gold and textiles.

Through the streets, the whistle of the bird market penetrates from a distance. From the Souq Waqif, one comes also to the camel market, pet market, offering in addition to cats and dogs, Guinea pigs, and also to Falk’s market. Doha is known for its hawks, they are but as a status symbol for rich families.

4. Dhow Cruise at sunset,

Just at sunset, a ride on a Dhow, a traditional wooden sailing ship. On the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf, you’ve been sailing along the dazzling, seven-kilometre-long Skyline of Doha. The boats play in the history of Qatar an important role. Earlier they were used mainly for the transport of goods. Today they are decorated with light chains and bring tourists in their trips to the Amazement.

5. Qatar 2022 Legacy Pavilion,

football Fans know it already: in 2022 the world Cup will be held in Qatar. So Qatar is the first country in the Middle East, in which the competition is held. However, the world Cup will not be discharged due to the intense heat, as usual, from June to July, but from November to December. Currently, to be built in Qatar nine new stadiums for the games, each with its own air conditioning.

In the pavilion of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in the spectacular Al Bidda Tower in West Bay, you can book a tour and learn more about the world Cup preparations, Qatar.

Since August, 2017 may enter the country as tourists from 80 countries without a visa in Qatar. So also Swiss. Qatar Airways flies several times daily from Switzerland (Zürich and Geneva) to Doha. The flight time is around six hours. More information on

The capital of Qatar offers accommodation in a variety of luxurious. We recommend the Grand Hyatt Doha. The Five-star Hotel in the North of the capital, has 249 rooms and 91 villas, 7 Restaurants, the Jalua Spa, a large Pool area and a 400-metre-long private beach. Who wants to venture rather close to the action, a stay at Al Najada, Doha Hotel by Tivoli to heart. Not until the summer of 2018 opened, the Hotel houses 151 rooms and suites, and the foot is opposite to the popular Souq Waqif.

in Culinary terms, Qatar is a Mix of Qatari, Asian, and North African specialties. Of Coffee Shops on star Restaurants to specialty Local everyone will find something for his taste. Internationally renowned Restaurants such as Nobu, Hakkazan or Nozomie are represented. Who love adventurous eating, you can dine at the many Food-cost of stalls in the Souqs.

In Doha, there are a variety of modern shopping malls, classic markets. Here you can pitchers of Souvenirs such as carpets, Gold and silver jewelry, Arabian coffee, jewelry boxes, and much more shopping.