in The spring waiting with a sun-drenched clouds, dandelions on the meadows and flowering Apple trees. And because nowhere is the spring attracts beautiful glad as in the Apple in the Canton of Thurgau, we have chosen “cider India” for our first hike of the year. About 1000 Hiking trails meander through the gently undulating Land, the promises of walks, which do not demand the Fitness excessively and is just Right for tired winter muscles.

The first section leads to Bischofszell

on the way, we are on the Thurgauer Panoramaweg from Amriswil to the St. Gallic Wil. Two days, one should plan for the 37 kilometres; who would, however, go only for a day “on tour”, the first stage was recommended to the rose city of Bischofszell, which offers some of the more interesting experiences.

shortly after the Start, in Amriswil the first piece of jewelry is on the way: the water castle Hagenwil, the foundations of which date back 800 years. From the hustle and Bustle of the past these days, is no more: Hagenwil a rural Idyll, it smells like cow dung is rattling, the chickens clucking and horses.

peasant villages and dreamy landscapes

Spectacular as an Alpine hike of the Thurgauer Panoramaweg is not, of course. On the contrary, The peasant villages and the dreamy landscape are therapeutic, contemplative, just a walk to Unwind. And why not slow down and forced masses. Because after almost three hours, we are on a River, and no bridge in sight.

“use For the ferry to the Hammer”, emblazoned on a sign on an iron frame. The Rattling Silvia Rochira from calling the opposite experience farm Gertau, your character is the last ferry woman of the Canton of Thurgau. There is a lot going on over, the time goes by, so we sit in the Grass and enjoy the sun.

the Second section leads from Bischofszell and Wil

the village of Hauptwil, in which there is the oldest working houses in the Switzerland to visit, it’s more to the picture book-the Highlight of the hike: the town of Bischofszell with the most beautiful old town in the Region. Whoever takes up the entire two-day hike under the soles, you should stay here and the fine crumb cake from the bakery Jordi and enjoy the beautifully landscaped rose gardens to admire.

Only on the second section of Bischofszell and Wil the hike is, finally, your addition of “Panorama”. Often the view opens over to Appenzell, the Säntis and the churfirsten. On the top of the mountain Nollen (good Restaurant) and after a constant up and down, we finally reach the Äbtestadt Wil, soaked with spring feelings.

In the school house-mill brook, you can immerse yourself in the everyday school life from the 1920s. A special exhibition shows the development of the craft of teaching.

family Andresen from the yard Gertau to the sitter ferry on Sundays to open your Restaurant with products from the suitable court.

An Alternative of Hauptwil after the Bishop’s cell of the Industry is a trail – experienced history in the textile and paper industry.

The trail leads directly to the Kamelhof in Olmerswil. There you can visit llamas, turtles and snakes, as well as a short Ride on a camel.

Wil was founded approximately 800 years ago by the counts of Toggenburg. To give specific data guided city tours with an insight into the history.