Travel abroad was closed for 365 thousand debtors

“the Moscow court enforcement officers actively applied enforcement measures, such as temporary restriction of the right of debtors to exit from the Russian Federation and to the enjoyment of special right, – said Sergey Zamolotskikh. For 2019, the bailiffs made more than 365 thousand resolutions on temporary restriction on departure of debtors from the country.”

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If you take weekend, it turns out that every day ushers included the red light at the border for more than a thousand new debtors. The total amount of debt capital of restricted to travel abroad amounted to 729 billion rubles.

including the lists of restricted to travel abroad was 36 thousand alimony owed a total of 8 billion rubles.

In management FSSP across Moscow remind that in the presence of the outstanding debt over 30 thousand rubles, while the arrears of child support and other benefits – more than 10 thousand rubles in respect of debtors can be applied temporary restrictions on travel abroad. So neither on a business trip or on vacation to go to a far country will fail.

Learn about the presence of the excited Executive production online and repay the debt citizens can use the electronic service “data Bank Executive proceedings” on the official Internet website of the Federal bailiff service.

In the capital management of the Ministry said that “to get information about used in the Executive production is temporary restriction on leaving the Russian Federation” in Moscow, in the Department of organization of enforcement proceedings of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in Moscow at the address: Butyrsky Val, D. 5, office 212. There need to provide proof of full repayment of the debt dLa withdrawal restrictions. Citizens take on Mondays from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

If the debt exceeds 30 thousand rubles, and child support – 10 thousand, the bailiffs have the right to include the debtor in the lists of restricted to travel abroad

the Entrance to the office and reception of citizens is strictly upon presentation of identification document, or document confirming powers of the representative of the Executive production.

in addition, information about the restrictions applied electronically provides the service “Personal Cabinet of the parties of Executive production”.

All police officers in the capital collected from debtors in 2019 almost 100 billion rubles, a record sum. Only non-payers of fines traffic police collected 1.3 billion rubles.

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According to the head of management of Federal bailiff service of Russia in Moscow Sergey Zamolotskikh, in the course of joint raids with the traffic police was stopped 112 cars of non-payers, with more than 10 unpaid fines.

using the possibilities of information systems of Moscow has allowed to reveal more hiding debtors than during RAID events.

According to Sergei Zagorodskikh, in cooperation with the interior Ministry, prison Ministry, tax service and the Investigative Committee in the course of joint activities bailiffs managed to find 297 of citizens-debtors. At the same time to find more than 400 debtors allowed the use of innovative technologies. We are talking about interaction using information resources and databases of the interior Ministry of Russia, Department of information tehnology Moscow, as well as automated software system plots magistrates.

“These innovative methods and forms of investigation to help reduce cost of time, effort and funds to establish the whereabouts of the debtors, their assets and minor children.

Given the positive results, it is believed that in 2020 such activities should be continued”, – said Sergey Zamolotskikh.