Many Danish riders have escaped from the curfew in the coronahærgede Spain and has gone home to Denmark.

Usually are Girona the world’s navel for professional Danish cyclist. A large number of them have a base in the Catalan city with the pleasant træningsklima and the affordable distance to the airport in Barcelona.

But right now, the city is almost cleared of Danish riders. Only a few have been left in an area that is hard hit by the coronavirus, and where the curfew makes it impossible to train on the road. The rest have gone home.

– It is easier to relate to things at home, and that is not any of us who speak sufficiently good Spanish to understand what is up and down down there, says Trek rider Niklas Oak.

All of the cycling race has been cancelled until may, but no one knows really when the season can begin again.

to date, Niklas Oak ensconced alone in his family’s cottage, where he, on his team’s call kept completely free in the last week.

– It may well be, it gets a little boring in the length. But so far it goes. It’s a strange feeling, for it was, of course, right now, to all the big race was going to go in time, says the 25-year-old climber.

Also Jonas Gregaard has left Spain with the pins on the back of the neck, and instead have camped in her parents ‘ house north of Copenhagen.

After running the UAE Tour with his team, Astana, in late February, he was sent in quarantine in the apartment in Girona. But he sensed quickly that it was not the place to stay.

– When I was out shopping, I could see that people went in large groups, sitting in cafes and restaurants and kindkyssede. I thought that it was just a matter of time.

So I packed all my bikes and my hometrainer and drove to Denmark to live with my parents. Here I feel a little more secure. I would not enjoy to be in Spain at the moment, says Jonas Gregaard.

After Italy, Spain is the country in Europe worst hit by the coronavirus. More than 1000 people have lost their lives, and it is forbidden to reside outside of his home without a special occasion.

When I heard rumors that there would be a curfew, and the police would print the fines to the people who stayed on the street, I rushed to buy a plane ticket to Denmark, says the Sunweb rider Casper Pedersen.

As a part of his team’s klassikertrup he has trained hard over the winter to be on top in the forårsklassikerne just in these weeks. Ahead awaited debut in the Giro d’italia, but also the big stage races are postponed indefinitely.

Topformen can therefore only be used to run light workouts on the zealand road.

– It is unknown whether we will ever run on this side of the summer holidays. It is superærgerligt, for I am in really good shape. But it is too bad for so many people – not only for cyclists, says Casper Pedersen.

The involuntary break in the middle of the high season has turned completely upside down on sæsonrytmen.

March-april is usually one of the year’s busiest periods, and the riders are used to burn huge amounts of energy every day.

– I can be a little restless. There is not a lot to do, and you should be careful. We have got to know that we would rather not be seen with anyone and avoid to be too much from home, says Jonas Gregaard.

He has taken the consequence and invested 5000 dollars in the fitness, as he has made up on his parents ‘ terrace.

– Perhaps it comes with time, more equipment to my gym, he says with a laugh.

– I have never had a break at this time. It’s crazy weird to give themselves permission to relax now. It is not the case, our nature is.