Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Portnikov said in his article for “espresso TV”, that the militia will not stop the fire in the Donbass, despite the agreement. According to him, the ceasefire is disadvantageous to Russia.

As he wrote the Rambler, July 22 the members of the contact group agreed on the complete ceasefire in the Donbas. From 27 July until the end of the conflict in the region will be additional measures to comply with the truce.

We are talking about a ban on the use of fire (including sniper), the prohibition on offensive and reconnaissance and sabotage activities on aircraft, heavy artillery and weapons in populated areas. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky called a cease-fire “mission critical”.

Portnikov noted that in the event of termination of the attacks, the majority of Ukrainians will “forget” about the Donbass as “forget” about Crimea.

“a Political lever to pressure Ukraine is not the Crimea. In the event of termination of the attacks, the lever will cease to be and the Donbass”, – said the journalist.

In his opinion, therefore, a truce in the region will be short-lived.

“Why, then, Russia [agreement – approx.ed.] negotiates? But because benefits in any scenario,” – said Portnikov.

In his opinion, if the Ukrainian military will respond to attacks, Zelensky accused of breach of the agreement. If Kiev will adhere to the regime, it will strengthen the resistance power and “Patriotic part of society.”

Portnikov considers that because of the agreement Zelensky caught in the “trap of the Kremlin”.