Transportbetjente must step in if the country’s prisons or pre-trial detention centres are badly affected by corona.

A day of theoretical knowledge and four days of sidemandsoplæring.

about 100 so-called transportbetjente participate in order to be trained to prisons and arresthusenes emergency response. They must be trained to guard the inmates in the prisons and not during transport, which is their normal task.

the Ushers should be ready, if the employees of the prisons and arresthusene will be hard hit by the disease and quarantine under the coronakrisen.

The writing fængselsbetjentens professional organization, Fængselsforbundet, in his newsletter.

For the federation’s president, Bo Yde Sørensen, it makes good sense, that it is precisely transportbetjentene, which becomes a part of emergency preparedness.

– Our transportbetjente is used to travelling among the inmates.

– a Great many of our transport has been put on standby, and therefore, it made sense to take advantage of them, he says.

Usually transportbetjentenes job, among other things, to transport the inmates to and from prisons.

But because of the coronakrisen can the ushers, for example, have to guard the prisoners instead.

– We hope of course that there are many who do not get ill, and thus we do not need ushers, but in these times we need to prepare ourselves, ” says Bo Yde Sørensen.

in Addition, he stresses that transportbetjentene will always go along with a prison guard. In order to avoid the officers having to staff a prison, without the qualified personnel to the site.

Emergencies is also created solely in connection with coronakrisen, according to the newsletter