Transgender from the American city new York was pregnant with the second child, despite the fact that subjected to online harassment after told about the first pregnancy. This publication reports The Mirror.

Now the 33-year-old Cayden Coleman (Kayden Coleman) began transgender transition in 2009. He first became pregnant in 2013. Presumably, this happened when he was in 2013 made a six-week break in the therapy of male hormones before preparing for a mastectomy — surgery to remove the mammary glands. The American then found out about the upcoming addition only at the 21st week of pregnancy.

In comments to the publications about his pregnancy Coleman called “monster” and wanted his daughter took custody. The man was very worried about abuse of Internet trolls, which aggravated his post-partum depression.

Despite all this, in 2019, he decided to have a second child. Coleman is enjoying the pregnancy and claims that “his beard had become thicker”. However, it is somewhat frustrating that people think that he has a beer belly, and not inferior to him in transport and not holding the door. An American thinks his diskriminerad doctors, he claims that he several times suggested to have an abortion. The child should be born in August.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK the man-is transgender a birth by getting pregnant from biological material female transgender. The birth of Britain took doctor is transgender.