The former star of “House-2” Alena Kuznetsova came into conflict with the law enforcement officials.

As reported by the girl herself, the police has exposed her to ridicule and insulted, knowing that previously she was a man and had the name Alexei.

Interestingly, the police Alena asked herself due to an altercation with a taxi driver. But in the end she took the case on insulting the staff.

Already in the Department, finding its data in the database, Kuznetsov, according to her, began to publicly insult and humiliate.

“the Police began to exceed his powers, and I, defending himself, responded to their insults. And now I want to attribute this article for insulting police officers, although they are also very well insulted. They punched me on the database to see what is there, and shot my old passport details, before I changed my documents to female was finally. Call me old name, although, as I understand it, to do this they have no right. And for everyone to see…” – quoted Alena

On Kuznetsov opened a criminal case under article 319 of the criminal code “Insult of representative of power”, she can face a fine and correctional labor.

Transgender, in turn, filed a complaint to the Prosecutor.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the former participant of “House-2” Alena Kuznetsova, who replaced the floor, complained about the beatings. The girl told about the abuse they received when they learned that she was a man.