Transfers from Bank to Bank to 100 thousand roubles per month will be free

When exceeding this threshold, the Commission is limited by the threshold of 0.5% of the transfer amount, but not more than 1.5 thousand rubles. This decision was taken by the Bank of Russia in the package of measures related to the spread of coronavirus infection and the fall in oil prices.

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“We conducted an analysis of transfers in the System of quick payments, as well as the level of average salaries in different regions. He showed that 100 thousand is the average value, which covers the needs of citizens to freely carry out operations in the SBP, – told “RG” the representative of Bank of Russia. – First of all it will allow no Commission to transfer funds to relatives and friends in case of their isolation or inability to transfer cash. And in the current environment is vital. In addition, it will allow you to transfer funds in repayment of loans (if the accounts are in different banks), and carry out other transfers between banks, for example, to translate the salary in a convenient Bank, thereby avoiding “wage slavery”.

the Central Bank launched a System of quick payments are at the beginning of last year as a cheap and convenient alternative to card transfers. ID is the phone number of the addressee of payment, regardless of which Bank party account is opened.

the Decision of the Central Bank guarantees the free transfer average salaries in a convenient Bank, thereby avoiding “wage slavery”

Previously the Bank of Russia has allowed only the introduction of a “ceiling” for client commissions for transfers in your system, if it appears that banks will install them on the defensive level, that is, if they were comparable to the fees for card transfers. These commissions completing customer within one Bank, and this dependence typically begins with the selection of RAborodale salary project, which does not account for the individual interests of worker (size of kesbeke on the map, the usability of the app, bonuses for services a subsidiary of the broker and so on). It is possible to say about the change of the salary in Bank accounts, but in practice this right is not just to implement and not many people use it.

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the Bank of Russia planned to destroy the roots of wage slavery, giving the employee the opportunity to transfer to the accounting Department only phone number, so that the salary came into the Bank and to the account which is selected to receive transfers through the System of quick payments. But this project is complicated by the fact that you need to eliminate the risks associated with the loss of phone or change numbers. In addition, CBP has not yet implemented the possibility of payments from legal entities to individuals. In any case, the zero commissions for the “manual” transfer Moscow wage mitigates the problem.

the Majority who joined SBP banks do not charge for transfers of natural persons, including because earlier, the Bank of Russia took a decision to do such operations free for banks from April 1 (or more than two years). However, the market waited to see what the Commission will introduce a savings Bank (as reported, he should join SBP in early April). Sberbank, to build the largest system of transfers from card to card on the telephone for six months delayed the implementation of the requirements of the Bank of Russia on accession to SBP systemically important banks.