Is one of the unique in scandinavia because the biggest profiles on the way to a large sommerskifte?

According to rumors from Turkey Istanbul-storklubben Besiktas burned hot on Lucas Andersen, as they have been chosen as a possible sommerforstærkning.

But the rumor is that after all that the judge does not hold in. According to B. T.’s information has the sporting senior management in the club, at least not immediately Lucas Andersen on the grain, and the rejects that have an interest in the Danish an author.

you can hear more about in this week’s issue of the B. T. s fodboldpodcast ‘transfer window’.

The big tyskiske newspaper Akit, wrote in last week that Besiktas coach Sergen Yalcin had been fond of the 25-year-old Andersen in its corona-quarantine, where he had worked intensely with the socuting system Wyscout.

Besiktas is on a disappointing fifth place in the Turkish league and want to switch transferstrategi, so in the future, they will drop to buy expensive older stjernenavne and instead rely on cheaper and younger players.

“He’s a great player, so he is of course interesting for the big clubs around Europe. For us as a club it is about finding the right timing in relation to a potential sale along with Lucas and his adviser,” it said in the connection to B. T. from the A-team he will play for Inge André Olsen, who is, however, not known specifically for Besiktas rumor.

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