little is certain in times of Corona pandemic, which also holds the global football Business in the respiratory and threatened. How’s more, in this season, and only right after that? What happens in the transfer market?

There is only one thing predictable seems to be: in normal times, the absurd record transfer of 222 million euros, the Paris Saint-Germain 2017 for Neymar in the FC Barcelona paid, should not be touched.

Havertz, and Sané: the prices Fall?

Gladbach Manager Max Eberl believes that the market “could” enthitzen. Managing Director Oliver Mintzlaff from the financial strength of the Bundesliga rivals RB Leipzig is expecting a change of period “will be dramatic”. “We will have a transfer window as never before in the past,” said Minzlaff in the “kicker”.

Ex-national player Michael Rummenigge, brother of Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, prophesied in the “Sports buzz” that there “will be no enforcement messages during transfer” – “certainly not with the Detachment in the amount of 120 million euros or more”.

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In the three-digit million range before Corona still Leverkusen’s young star Kai Havertz (20) or his national team-mate Leroy Sané (24) of Manchester City prized. In both cases, was considered and the FC Bayern is interested.

transfer market: The middle-class players cheaper?

In the 2018/19 season, the 18 Bundesliga clubs for the first time exceeded the sales mark of four billion euros. In the economic report of the German football League in a total reported revenue of Euro.

675,1 million euros related to the transfer of income, also the highest value. In the case of the 2. League were it to 96.3 million euros. This shows the importance of the Buy and Sell for the club.

Runs the football operation in this season, in fact, again, will be the Minus at each club lower than in the case of a crash. This would have an impact on the future planning, so on the next transfer period. “The Bundesliga is booming, according to the Virus again,” said the former Werder Manager Willi Lemke on the “picture”Interview.

in Spite of Corona: “demand for Superstars will remain high,”

planning security returns, and then also a rapid relapse into old patterns of action? “Certainly there will be temporarily a Dent”, says sports economist Christoph Breuer of the German sport University in Cologne and expected for players in the second category, probably not first more the (inflated) prices to be paid as last. Also not from England, the richest football market.

“The prices for the top players will most likely not break so strong,” said sports economist. “The few Superstars have such a large value for the top clubs, that the demand for the financially strong clubs will remain high.”

abroad, the “often clubs with investors, which may offset the financial crisis quite well,” said Breuer. Bundesliga-Croesus Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund not only compete in the Champions League constantly with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Paris, Juventus or Manchester City – but also with top players. The soccer Stars to spend time in your own four walls, FOCUS Online/Glomex So the soccer Stars to spend time in the own four walls

Leverkusen should not make Havertz (contract until 2022) “for 50 or 60 million,” says Michael Rummenigge: “If everything is over and the money should eventually flow in fact, you can sell him still.”

squad planning is projected for clubs as a survival strategy

the city of Bremen managing Director Klaus Filbry, that this summer there will be “much more difficult it will be to achieve the transfer of revenues”. Squad planning to Yahtzee exercise and for a number of clubs as a survival strategy.

Bloated roster need to be pared down. In the case of newly promoted Union Berlin, over 30 players are currently on the payroll, top earners are likely to be offered for cost reduction on the market. Money only the best players, which undermines again the athletic substance but.

Over damp club, the vultures are circling already, is to be heard in the industry. According to Corona every club looks eh on. Who comes in a good position financially by the crisis, which are operated and then stop at the closeout of the other.

Coutinho with bad cards FC Bayern

“A three-digit number of contracts” is, according to Werder head of Finance Filbry in the “süddeutsche Zeitung” in the First and second League clubs to 30. June from. They have a free transfer to. This is usually an advantage for the professionals. Schalke’s goalkeeper Alexander Nübel has benefited in his back in January, fixed exchange to Bayern financially from them. sampics/eye clicking Philippe Coutinho knew since his move last summer, only rarely to convince

Now, the negotiating position of many professionals is getting worse. What is the Association obligated in the crisis situation player? Unemployment threatens. Just clubs from the financial Mittelbau – and second-division – will need to first focus on the existing staff and to transfer the proceeds to hope.

players out on loan can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Some of these associations have made them – often rewarding business model. Now you need to take into account, to many in the summer to take back and carry significant cost. The FC Bayern but to send Philippe Coutinho rather thanks to FC Barcelona’s back instead of the purchase to consider the option of over 100 million euros.

Fixed purchase obligations are a Problem

Fixed purchase obligations are a Problem: not from Increases in Bremen, you need to Bittencourt, the borrowed Ömer Toprak (5 million) and Leonardo (7 million) of Dortmund and Hoffenheim will be decreased, which should please the two clubs.

fixed prices at which professionals switch with longer contract terms from year to year, are essential elements in Management. Example: 60 million Euro for Dayot Upamecano, who played at RB Leipzig, a great season, a sum that has attracted top clubs in Europe.

Alone: who pays for the Saxons now so much for the Frenchman, who will be in a year, so probably after Corona – free transfer on the market? Marcel Reif: society needs the “terrible professional football” PCP Marcel Reif: society needs the “terrible professional football”