The next star purchase at FC Bayern is imminent. Sadio Mané’s transfer is expected to be completed in the coming days. According to a “Sport1” report, the Bayern bosses are also buying the striker out of dissatisfaction with Leroy Sané.

Mané transfer to Bayer is imminent: FC Bayern should make the transfer of Sadio Mané to Munich clear this week, according to a report by “Sport1”. It also deals with the reasons why the Munich club bosses want to get the versatile Liverpool striker: therefore also out of dissatisfaction with Leroy Sané.

Short, compact, clear

Does Sané benefit from Mané? According to the report, Sané’s “trial period” in Munich is now over. At Bayern, it is expected that the winger will perform more consistently in the coming season. The club bosses hoped that Sané would “play more freely” after a Mané transfer.

Sale is not an issue: Bayern took Sané from Manchester City two years ago for around 60 million euros. The international plays regularly, hits and plays assists. But in Munich there is a lasting dissatisfaction, as his potential is considered higher. According to “Sport1”, selling Sané is not an issue, the belief in him is still there.