Joel Wicki (21) hats. Where others have to buy a Christmas tree and then home towing, you can grab the Entlebucher transducer short-hand to the saw. In the woods of his uncle, he brings the fir that will grace the Christmas days, the parlor.

For a VIEW adorns the transducer the tree before Christmas eve. “I always did like that I enjoy,” he says, as he hangs baubles and Tinsel.

After the busy season, the powerhouse from sörenberg can enjoy the tranquility in the last days of the year. “Christmas for me is the time for the family,” says Wicki. 23. December, for the first Time is celebrated with the girlfriend. The works in nursing and has on the 24. and 25. December Service. “On Christmas eve we celebrate in the parents’ house: mom, dad, my brother and me. In the afternoon we will visit the Church of the Nativity play by the students. The part of the firm program. In the evening to eat something, Fine – and of course gifts.”

The time at home enjoy

“I give love to things that are practical,” he says. “A voucher, for example, something that may need to the donee Person. But what, exactly, I don’t want to reveal here.” Only one and a half year old Göttibub he is a bit of elicit: “He gets on the 25. December, with the in the snow can play.”

he wished for nothing. “The other may make quiet a bit of thought,” says Wicki and laughs. The greatest gift, even if it may sound a cliche: “stay Healthy. The next year, worth more than any gift.”

Before he looks forward, thinks back to the Entlebucher again. “I had a very good year.” With Rigi-Schwinget, Central Switzerland, Lucerne and URI Cantonal cleared Wicki four times as large, on the Brünig he was in the Final round and provided with a against the king, Kilian Wenger, his Entlebucher club colleague Erich Fankhauser was able to inherit the victory. “Even if there are still a couple of percents, you can tickle out of it: I have practically achieved everything I had done to me.”

2019 must it be like to have a little bit more: Then the Federal is at the end of August in the train on the program. The Federal wreath Wicki is still missing – three years ago, he broke shortly before the highlight of the season in Estavayer of the lower leg, and had to watch while old colleagues such as his athletes-WK-in the same Room as Remo cheesemakers secured the coveted Swiss-wreath.

The Bernese colleagues Käser, he looks to be back On 7. January brings he back to Magglingen, then preparation of the programme for three weeks.

Also, it is important for him to enjoy the time at home. With the family or alone in nature. “I’m out, whenever I can, whenever I have time,” says the construction equipment mechanic. He helps the uncle on the farm and in the forest, or he goes out during the hunting season on the Prowl. Or simply out. “And if I’m just going with the dog on the Emme for a walk.” The passionate fisherman observed there, for example the Drifting in the water. So he stays at home, “it has to rain really hard. The TV runs with me actually, never.”

he Prefers to keep a chat with other walkers. “You have to know what’s going on in the village.” Well possible that there are in sörenberg in the new year, another big topic of conversation at the Swiss Federal Institute of in train the way over to Wicki. It’s a question of whether one comes past him.