The word “profession” comes from the middle high German and originally meant – among other things – “cries”. A wild cry, it is also what the Swiss apprenticeship trainers have. In a survey, you pull against the apprentices from the leather. For example, like this: “The cell phone age has made the young people to interest people.”

This is a hard accusation – which falls on the trainers and the training companies back.

Martin Luther was the First who used the word “professional” in connection with work. This is 500 years. Since then, the world of work – a white God! – continuously changed. Smoothly the never went ahead. “The Swiss encyclopedia” from the year 1948 says, “a crisis of the profession”. Blame industrialization and capitalism, whether it is in the old Tome. “The biggest problems for the present and the future lie in the restoration of an inner sense in the dependent professional work.”

Currently, it is the digitization, which pop out the professional landscape and a sense of crisis is programmed. The British Economist Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne to claim: in the short or long that half of today’s occupations will be replaced by Computer.

of Course you can respond to these challenges, such as those of apprentice trainer, the grumble now about the young people in the mobile age. With your choice of words betray you the same even where the dog is buried: you have to beat the young people, but the digitization.

You can rise to the challenge, however, and try to make a profession for the Smartphone-youth exciting.

The Association of the electric industry is about to invent a new profession: the Building of computer science. The Smartphone-youth to build the Smarthome. To move, instead of only lines, as well as to mount the sockets, is to connect the
electrician – Pardon me: Building a computer scientist in the future, the various appliances in a household to each other. This offers an attractive field of activity for those interested in technology. By the way, the life of the house residents is more convenient. And in the Smarthome energy can be saved.

Gottlob, and of course, not all activities can be digitized. In the care about the human contact, no matter how clever the computer is replace program. Such work should never be connected to a machine delegated. to scold

About the young people, it does not help, but at this output location. The Problem here is anyway a different. Many of the supervisor’s opinion is that a Trainee has to be in the first line of a cheap work force.

This stance is now, but really from yesterday. Who wants to have a full work force, it should pay decent.