the aim of the construction work on the Eastern lake of Zug shore it is, that on the North-South axis more, faster and more convenient rail connections can be offered. In the meantime, the passengers on the changed departure and arrival times, platform changes and longer travel times taken, such as the SBB announced on Wednesday.

at what point is the line blocking?

By 9. June to on 12. December 2020, locks the SBB railway line between Zug Oberwil and Arth-Goldau SZ completely. While the blocking is realized in Walchwil ZG a 1.7 km long double-track section. Of these, only the long-distance transport, but also the S-Bahn, which can drive new consistently half-hourly non-benefited.

Of the total blocking customized schedule shall apply from the Sunday of Pentecost 9. June. During Pentecost, the trains will run but still on the East side of lake Zug, this is because the only on whit Monday evening.

What is construction work?

The SBB uses the total blocking, in order to rehabilitate between Zug and Arth-Goldau seven tunnels and realize 80 objects, such as bridges or underpasses. Also new double-Decker trains between Zug and Arth will be able to run-Goldau.

Without totally blocking it would take the construction according to the SBB instead of one and a half years, about six and a half years. The SBB had to expand the range starting at the end of 2016, and renovation, but a complaint has delayed the Work.

How to drive the trains during the to Ticino?

Because the railway line to the East of lake Zug is locked, you need to make the trains between Zurich and the Canton of Ticino a detour via Rotkreuz, ZG, and then drive to the West of lake Zug via Immensee SZ to Arth-Goldau. The travel times of the trains Basel-Luzern-Arth-Goldau-Erstfeld UR, respectively, Lugano/Milano be adjusted out of consideration for the connections accordingly.

The route blocking effect on the S-Bahn. In the area of Zug-Schwyz, these operate at other times, in return, the bus service will be expanded. Because the fast trains from the German part of Switzerland and arrive later in Bellinzona and Lugano, respectively, on the return trip there earlier exit, is also adapted to the timetable of the Ticino S-Bahn.

The SBB recommends travelers to check their Connections in the customized Online schedule. Even if the trains between Zurich and the Canton of Ticino will have to make a detour via the red cross, will be charged for the Ticket to the direct route.