The incident happened at Izmit Marina Pier. Furkan Çiftçi and his girlfriend Mine Dinar were drinking alcohol at the pier and fishing with a fishing line. But after the young man wanted to reenact a Titanic scene, he fell into the sea and drowned.

Actually, Furkan Çiftçi and his girlfriend Mine Dinar went fishing at the pier of the Turkish city of Izmir. But then the couple had an idea, which unfortunately led to a fatal accident. As reported by, the couple also indulged in some alcohol while holding the fishing hook in the water on May 15. It is not known whether the tragic accident was caused by this. At around 9:15 p.m., Furkan and his girlfriend had the idea of ​​recreating a famous movie scene.

As Mine Dinar later reported, her boyfriend and she decided to recreate a love scene from the romantic blockbuster Titanic. In the sequence, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) asks the love of his life, Rose (Kate Winslet), to climb onto the railing at the bow of the Titanic with his eyes closed. Jack grabs Rose by the waist from behind and finally asks her to open her eyes. When she sees that she seems to be gliding weightlessly over the sea, she lets out a happy “I’m flying”. A little later there is a first kiss between the two.

Mine and Furkan must have imagined the evening to be just as romantic when they climbed the chains to the pier to reenact the scene. But fate would have it otherwise, because both lost their balance and fell into the sea.

While observers of the scene were still able to pull Mine out of the water with a fishing rod, her friend Furkan disappeared under the surface of the water. Rescue workers were only able to recover his body an hour and a half after the accident.

After a short stay in the hospital, Mine is doing better, at least physically. The exact cause of Furkan’s death should now be clarified by an autopsy.

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