A mother and her two daughters have been found murdered in the small town of Vogtareuth in southern Germany.

It writes multiple media, including Bild and lokalmediet Rosenheim24.de.

The three were found dead in a house after the police on Friday morning around 04.40 got a review.

A police spokesman tells the to the Fire, that there is a ‘family tragedy’, where the deceased’s mother is suspected of being behind the killings of his daughters, and has subsequently taken his own life.

It has since been confirmed that it is the theory, police are investigating just now.

the Father of the family receives counselling.

According to the Rosenheim24.de is it confirmed that the deceased’s mother worked as a police officer. According to the Bild is also the father of the family served.

the Mayor in Vogtareuth, Rudolf Leitmannstetter said, according to Bild, that he is chokoret over the tragedy in the city.

the City has just over 3,000 inhabitants, and borgmesterne denotes it as a place where everyone knows everyone.

on Friday morning, police are still started to collect evidence at the crime scene.

Yet there is nothing stated about a possible motive behind the killings.

nor has the poltiiet been able to inform on who has been behind the call to alarmcentralet.