Traffic switches to a special mode of operation due to a virus

an Outbreak of coronavirus touched and the state: the Agency promises to take additional measures to protect both the police and ordinary citizens. In the end, the usual interaction of Russians with the Agency first will have to lay more time.

the Main goal of the promised measures, as follows from the official statements of the Department – to minimize personal communication between inspectors and drivers. For example, to put the car on the account, to pass your driving exam or obtain a driver’s license can now be by appointment only through the service of public services.

Pre-register will have on the issuance of certificates of conformity of the vehicle as its design changes in safety requirements, as well as certificates for the admission of vehicles to transportation of dangerous goods – but already on the phone.

the traffic police promises to minimize the presence of drivers in official cars of traffic police and the premises of the stations, the inspectors will have to refrain from the direction of citizens in divisions of traffic police for consideration of administrative cases, if these issues can be resolved on the spot, and if the appearance of the drivers in the buildings of the state traffic Inspectorate is necessary, their admission will be carried out in special facilities and, possibly, through the glass partition.

it is Curious that the passing of the regional traffic police recommended to refrain from the punishment of drivers for infringement of terms of registration of vehicles. As stated in the Ministry of internal Affairs, the disposal of the Agency on the measures taken have been sent to regional offices.

Text: Avtovesti