on 16 July in Vitebsk will sound the call letters of your favorite holiday. And in the Summer amphitheatre will Shine again stars. Philip, Elena Vaenga and ensemble “Pesnyary” and “Syabry”, Kate Ryan, Taisiya Povaliy, Nikolai Gnatyuk, Adilkhan makin and many others… During the opening ceremony, will be awarded the Union state prize in literature and art. They are traditionally awarded for a significant contribution to the strengthening of relations of brotherhood, friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the peoples of Belarus and Russia. And this is just one of the many good festival traditions.

the Day of the Union state at “Slavianski Bazaar”, which will be held July 17, also became a tradition, growing from festival to festival. After the press conference, the state Secretary of the Union state Grigory Rapota will visit the Museum-estate of Ilya Repin “Zdravnevo”. This is a cozy place near Vitebsk, where the great Russian artist vacationing with family and to paint, – the common heritage of the Belarusians and the Russians.

the Estate is under the patronage of the Permanent Committee of the Union state. Almost every summer there is Grigory Rapota, each time adding to the Museum exposition. Transmission 14 copies of Ilya Repin was first held in 2013. a year later, the Museum received another 17 copies. Now in Zdravnevo you can see the artist’s self-portrait, portraits of his father, wife, daughter and the famous “the Cossacks” and “Belarusian”. To the 170th anniversary of Repin’s birth Postkom has expanded the exposure of the copies of paintings of the Wanderers: Kramskoi, Serov, Polenov… There is hope that with the support of the Union state will be created in Zdravnevo the second phase of the Museum complex. The project is a two-story building with exhibition halls and rooms for research staff is ready… this year it is planned that in Zdravnevo the Secretary of state will visit an exhibition of one of Repin’s painting “Christ with chalice”, will visit the plein air masters of art crafts of Belarus in the style of “malyavanka”, and take part in the “round table” on the theme “Dialogue of cultures and literature of the Union state of Belarus and Russia”.

Also on this day, Grigory Rapota together with representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, representatives of public organizations will lay flowers to the Eternal flame at the memorial complex in honor of Soviet soldiers-liberators, partisans and underground fighters of the Vitebsk region. And in the evening in the Summer amphitheatre in the concert of “the Union state invites…” in which the orchestra “Phonograph-Sympho-jazz” under the direction of Sergey Zhilin will present the program “Live music”, will be awarded special prizes and diplomas of the Permanent Committee of the Union state.

a Very tight business program of the visit of the Secretary of the Union state in the Vitebsk region. Grigory Rapota is going to visit in the urban settlement of bolbasovo ��od Orsha. Last year there came into operation the first stage of the country’s largest multimodal industrial-logistics complex “Bramino-Orsha”. The construction of a powerful industrial cluster, designed to provide optimal conditions for processing and moving products from producers to consumers in the markets of European and the Customs Union, carried out by order of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Modern automotive logistics terminal receives and handles shipments. Work border, customs and veterinary control. Railway container transportation in the sphere of the centre’s activities: the export of Belarusian goods number of people in the Chinese province of Jiangxi trains take 10 days. This is four times faster than by sea! It is assumed that, when in 2023 the basic construction of the center is complete, there will be built about 200 acres of land, and the number of employees close to 2000 people. In Bolbasovo Grigory Rapota will examine infrastructures of the airport, and will also meet with managers and owners of “Bramino groups”, creating a network of terminals for the development of logistics system of Belarus. Then the Secretary will go on dubrovensky flax – the best enterprise of Vitebsk in the industry. It recently opened a new store, which will allow you to harvest up to 12,000 tons of flax. And still in the factory seriously reflect on the deep processing of flax seeds, waste production of flax and the manufacture of products for the medical and food industries.

As always, the program of the visit of the State Secretary of the Union state at the festival filled with meetings and negotiations. Scheduled meetings with Chairman of the Vitebsk oblast Executive Committee Nikol Sherstneva and Director of the “Slavic Bazaar” Gleb Lapitsky.

almost before anyone else in the fight for the awards of the “Slavic Bazaar” included members of dance Dream Dance Fest. 12 dance groups have already received the coveted accreditation. On stage at the concert hall “Vitebsk” they will rise on July 17 at 18.00. The best dancers will get the Grand Prix.

And squares and parks of Vitebsk have already filled the participants of the VI Festa street art “On seven winds”. This year the audience and the artists are forced to be at a positive distance from each other. However, the organizers tried to create a comfortable and safe environment, experimenting with the usual street performances. They are replaced by mobile performances and decorations to which will be the streets of the regional center.

to Be a guest of a new virtual platform #of NEMOVITOSTI can anyone. For this you need to take a picture of the Vitebsk sky and put a picture to your personal Instagram with a relevant hashtag. It is important that the frame were the fragments of the architecture festival in the capital. You can draw a picture, write poetry, confess your love… the Best works will appear on the pages of the publication, which will create a legendary club “Photochrom”.