blow to the St. Gallen’s bakery industry: On Thursday, the six branches of the traditional bakery Gehr in Gossau, Arnegg, Andwil, Degersheim and Herisau AR have been sealed officially. “About the company Desirable AG a was declared bankrupt by the district court of St. Gallen method,” confirms Daniel Wild, Deputy head of the Konkursamts of the Canton of St. Gallen a report of the “St. Galler Tagblatt”.

According to the newspaper, the end comes as a surprise. Was founded the bakery in 1908. Most recently, she employed a workforce of approximately 60 employees. What happens to them, is currently still open.

Open currently, which is why it came to the bankruptcy proceedings. The company is managed in the fourth Generation of the boards of Directors of Gidi and Röbi Gehr, as well as the managing Director Colette. VIEW tried to reach you, so far in vain.

finally, the tradition of Beck’s basement made from Regensdorf, ZH headlines. In the same year, founded in 1908, it had to declare bankruptcy. 14 branches of Beck cellar closed in the autumn of 2018 with a Bang, 100 employees had to no longer appear to work. (uro)