climate suggests trades, the trade unions: employers and employees are the big losers of the elections in 2019. Prominent trade unionists, such as Corrado Pardini (54, SP), Adrian Wüthrich (39, SP) or Philipp Hadorn (52 SP) had no Chance in the climate and choice of Wife, 2019, just as little as the tip of the Swiss industry and trade Association: With Jean-François Rime (69, SVP) and Hans-Ulrich Bigler (61, FDP) were kicked out the President and the Director of the national Council.

A bitter defeat for the political heavy weight of Rime (69), who responded the day after that, thin-skinned to questions about his health. And for the industry in the Parliament rather black looks: “The representation of SMEs in the Parliament could well be the Problem. I need to change the list with the New work.” And to his successor as President of the commercial Association of care. Because in may 2020 is likely to be with this mandate, the conclusion of the.

Rime goes on a journey

Rime, who stood twice for the SVP as the Bundesrat, has introduced his departure from politics in a different way: “So a landslide I have not experienced in my long political career.” Above all, the green wave has surprised in Freiburg, he would have had a quite ecological arguments: “With the residual wood from the sawmill we heat about 10’000 households in Bulle and surroundings,” says the owner of a Sawmill and entrepreneurs. “I have emphasized in the election campaign, to little. But I don’t know if that would have brought something.”

hardly, because except in the case of childcare, he had pursuits of his leisure, for he has more free time now, barely in the Green points can: “I am become a grandfather, could now go hunting, or travel. I have promised that I will now fly less.”

More Interviews than in the case of re-election

Rime had to make way for the green wave, trade Union Secretary Hadorn women. As well as trade Union colleague, Pardini. This is not for the media, Hadorn is: “opting out hurts, especially as a Ü50 with a short notice period as a parliamentarian!” But first, the Solothurn keeps his Job with the Union of transport personnel SEV. And secondly, he has always been for equal rights strong. Therefore, he bears his defeat with: “If elected, not a single woman from Solothurn would sit in the national Council, which would also be an Affront.”

a day after the deselection Hadorn has not lost his sense of Humor. He had no time, his national Council headquarters to mourn, he says: “at The Moment I’m busy, give more Interviews, as if I would be re-elected.” In addition, he could answer later to all of the caring emails and messages. The mean him really much.

Bad for the social partnership

The deselection of some of the prominent trade unionist to think Hadorn, even if the climate benefits: “The boys have voted for the climate, but seems to be little thought on the part of the precarious employment conditions for interns made.” In addition, Hadorn regrets that, with the dismissal of trade, learning, and trade unionists lost a part of Switzerland, which is so important in social partnership.

This is for trades Association-Director Bigler (61) not a Problem, it is on the right cliques and networks. He refers to the approximately 80 national councils, which were faced with commercial concerns quite openly: “My commitment to the SME goes on. The work is different, but not laborious.” Relevant experience of the Zurich FDPler has, he was already seven years without national Council’s mandate as an Association Director.

his disappointment Bigler makes no secret of the fact that the Blank after the deselection is not an issue: “I’m not with empty hands, know quite a bit with me and my time to go.” To indulge, for example, increased his desire to travel, to take care of friends and family. The travel, by the way, Bigler, will be both climate-friendly, as well as in the plane.