success for the climate youth: The Board of Directors of the Swiss Federation of trade unions (SGB) supports the concerns of a country-wide large strike on may 15. In may 2020, to align. The Dore home (60) confirmed by the trade Union Confederation of the VIEW. The model of this year’s women strike. The big strike is not only young people but the whole of Switzerland will join in.

For the Union, the support is delicate. In the case of the population strikes are not particularly popular in industries which have banned signed a work contract at all. Therefore, home takes the word “strike” in the mouth, but speaks of a “day of action”. Quite different is the climate youth: they call the event explicitly, “Strike for the Future”.

“We’re not calling our members out on strike. We have not done that but even when women strike,” says home. Lame, you don’t want to put the Switzerland. “This could take different forms are can be worn, such as climate protection demands in the enterprises: for example, through discussions with the management, or by Buttons to be worn on clothing.”

Different ideas

will look Like the strike is exactly, is still unclear. “Even within the climate of youth, the ideas diverge, what can you do on the day of action,” says home. It is clear that the “Strike for our Future,” as the woman strike a decentralised manner, is to be held in different places.

For the woman’s strike had created the Confederation of trade unions, in addition, a 60-percent-point. “But it is not the unions that organize this day of action, it is the climate of youth.”

trade Union sets climate resolution in front of

On the 15. November must decide at the delegate Assembly of the SGB is definitely about the support. At the same time, the management Board will submit a climate resolution: “Many workers are directly affected by climate change: Not only those on the construction, but also for example border guards or the nursing staff. Their working conditions must be protected!”

The cooperation with the trade unions is also for the climate youth new territory. So far, you were always politically unbound and reached so many different supporters. Fear of the political independence co-organizer Jelena Filipovic (27) has not. “Trade unions are not part of any political spectrum.”