“We’ll let you in about three or four weeks to know whether that was successful or not. But I have the feeling that it will be very successful,” Trump said.

He had not decided, moreover, a further intensification of the pace. On the sidelines of the summit of the major industrial countries (G20) at the end of June in Osaka (Japan) wanted to talk to the US President with China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping, said Trump on Monday before reporters. As a next step, to speak at a hearing in June, first of all, experts of the projects the tariff increases.

The plans of Trump in front of to see higher tariffs on imports from China to the value of around 300 billion dollars.

“This is a huge amount of money that would come in our country,” said Trump, and confirm his assumption, according to which tariffs of the exporting countries are paid. In fact, studies show that the duties mainly in US meeting citizen: companies importing Chinese Goods, to pass on the additional costs, at least partially, to their customers.

stock markets fall

The uncertainty in the tariff war between the two biggest economies to fall read on Tuesday, the Asian stock exchanges. Following the losses on Wall Street the previous day, the Nikkei-225 Index slumped in Japan in the first 15 minutes of trading, up 1.8 percent. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng fell by around two percent. Also, the stock markets in China were clearly in the Minus. The Kospi-benchmark index in Seoul fell on Monday to its lowest level since January, also went down, but then made up for lost ground.

China announces retaliatory tariffs on

Trump had, according to the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer in the last week arranged the procedure for the next tariff increase round. Now the Plan is the subject of a public hearing on may 17. June. Until then, for example, citizens, diplomats, and trade associations can submit their comments to the project.

The trade conflict between the United States and China had rocked previously. The recent customs of the United States increases in value of over 200 billion dollars of China responded with the announcement of further criminal charges. Beijing was thus a warning to the US President. He had asked China, of “retaliation” in sight. (SDA)

On the stock exchanges of investor concern prior to escalation is growing in the trade dispute between the United States and China. This has weighed on the share prices not only on Wall Street, in London or Frankfurt. Also the trade with Swiss stocks comes at the start of the new week will start to Slip. In return, investors benefit from the safe currencies to the Swiss franc or Yen, and the commodity of Gold as a refuge.

China threatens with new punitive tariffs

on the Friday was come to the US markets in the short term, a certain degree of optimism, however, the counterparties to cast an ample amount of fresh Oil into the fire. US President, Trump had warned China’s President Xi Jinping in front of it, according to the latest criminal of the USA customs duties to introduce retaliatory measures. China announced but, as of 1. June to increase existing duties on American products. This is generated in the equity markets added pressure.

slip on Swiss stock exchanges

The Swiss benchmark index SMI is losing on Monday at 17 o’clock 1.2 per cent to 9’358 points. At the beginning of the month, he had climbed up with a 9’787 meters, a record high. But also in other major stock exchanges, investors bring her in the last weeks of gains made on shares to be Dry. The Dax declined on the Frankfurt stock exchange and 1.3 percent in the Dow Jones Index in New York is 2.2 percent. The Ftse 100 in London, with a -0.4 percent better.

circles looking for New, safe equipment

by contrast, in Investors as a safe-haven assets such as Gold. The price for a Troy ounce (31 grams) of the precious metal rose by a good 13 dollars or one per cent to nearly 1’300 dollars.

the Swiss Blue-chip titles to the biggest bloodletting, which last ran strong or to be affected by a major trade dispute strongly. The title of the Chip manufacturer AMS (down 8.8%), the watch title Swatch (-3.3%) and Richemont (-2,7%), as well as the electronics producer Logitech (-4,1%). The big banks, Credit Suisse (-3.6%) and UBS (-2,0%) also springs.

A certain amount of support to offer the Swiss market defensive heavyweights like Roche (-0.1%) and Nestlé (-0,3%), which are usually taken by economic fluctuations less strongly. The title of the eye care group Alcon to gain even 0.2 percent.

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