The decision was made by the U.S. trade representative on Thursday officially in the Federal register (Federal Register) published.

However, it should start in the evening, a new round of talks between the trade delegations of both countries in Washington. According to media reports, around 100-person Chinese Delegation will be headed by Vice foreign Minister Liu He.

Immediately before the new negotiations on Thursday in Washington, Trump accused the Chinese leadership of the word break. “You have broken the agreement,” he said at a campaign event in Florida. “You can’t do that.” From his point of view, China has taken in the negotiations already made Commitments back to back.

in addition to the increase in special tariffs on imports from China in value from $ 200 billion to 25 percent of Trump threatens even so, the additional duties at this height on all imports from China to expand – according to his account, this would be the case once again to a value of 325 billion dollars. In retaliation, China announced it would immediately “necessary precautions”.

“There are no winners in trade wars”, warned the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng, on Thursday to journalists in Beijing. It was not in the interest of China, the USA and the Rest of the world. He hoped the dialogue between the two sides. “At the same time, China is fully prepared, determined and able to defend its legitimate rights and interests.”

The prospects to come in the negotiations in the short term, a solution to that, however, were bad. Both sides are removed after evaluation by experts far apart from each other. After the announcement of the new punitive duties on Sunday, China’s Vice Premier Liu He seemed to have initially hesitated to travel to Washington. Then he had decided, however, as planned the Delegation at the two-day talks. Trump had declared on Wednesday, the Chinese would have to make a Deal.

Trump said at a campaign event on Wednesday evening local time there is “no pressure” to close an agreement. He had previously expressed on Twitter his suspicions, the reason for China’s “trying to renegotiate” is Beijing’s hopes of the talks after the US elections in the coming year, with a “weak” democratic President: “This is not going to happen.” (SDA)