Trade between Russia and the UK grew by a quarter

Battles and disputes over the terms of a British exit from the European Union did not prevent Russia and the United Kingdom in 2019 to increase the mutual trade turnover by 25%.

the Trade turnover between Russia and great Britain for the year reached 17 billion dollars, said RIA Novosti trade representative of Russia in the UK Boris Abramov.
the growth of trade between the two countries could affect Brexit – a country rapidly coming out of the EU.

For comparison, in 2018 Russia and the UK-an increase of mutual supplies of goods by 8% to 13.7 billion.

the surge in trade has caused an increase in Russian exports to Britain. The British actively buying in Russia fertilizers, chemical products, metals, wood.

Russia intends to maintain and strengthen trade relations after Brexit and plans to conclude with great Britain a new and comprehensive trade agreement.