Tours of St. Petersburg can legalize

Tours of St. Petersburg can be legalized. The proposal was made by MPs, reports GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”.

As stated by parliamentarians, walking on the roof you can legislate. For this it is proposed to include them in the article on cultural tourism, expanding it. Of course, sites where tours will be conducted. will have a specially equipped and secure.

and not to break the law. The Petersburg deputies intend to legalise the tour on city roofs. The question discussed today at the Mariinsky Palace. There is a proposal to expand an article , write in it the concept of “objects, specially equipped for excursions”: and they can become a roof assured parliamentarians, but provided that will ensure compliance with safety regulations.

more recently, the MPs made a proposal to oshtrafuyut those who organize illegal walking on the roof. Moreover, the cost of such services up to 200 thousand rubles. MPs believe that the punishment is not to eliminate costs. But you need to allow the business to conduct their business in the legal field.

in addition, at the Mariinsky talked today about the special Pets: the idea to equate dogs to guide dogs supported. Now the law provides only one type of service four-legged, those who help the blind. This injustice, according to deputies, and need to fix.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”