Tourists vacationing on the beach of the County of Hampshire, witnessed a drop in private aircraft Cirrus SR22 into the water and told about the impressions. Their testimony publishes the Daily Mail.

So, according to the 37-year-old Amy Slade (Slade Amy), which was in the sea with a four-year old daughter, at first she heard a loud Bang, like a gunshot. “We turned around and saw the falling plane. He was flying nose down, and then from its tail came a parachute. Immediately after this, arrived the rescue helicopter,” — said the woman, adding that she is pleased that all survived.

Another tourist, a 70-year-old Christina Habal was on the beach when the Cirrus SR22 crashed into the water. “We had binoculars, and as soon as the plane was in the sea, we saw that the pilot opened the cockpit door and got out. Later, he and the passenger picked up by a private boat,” — said the Briton.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred may 31 on the beach in the village of Calshot, about two o’clock. Rescuers confirmed that onboard the plane there were two people who were pulled from the water the nearest boat. None of the participants of the incident were not injured.

Earlier in may, the plane crashed near a busy highway in the U.S. after the pilot accidentally snagged the wire during the flight. According to the publication, the incident, which killed one of the pilots happened in the city of Miramar. Witness EN route to this point on the highway, removed the crash on video.