Tourists and restaurants in Spain are sabotaging the lockdown, patrolling brought helicopters and military

Tourists and restaurants in Spain are sabotaging the lockdown, patrolling brought helicopters and military Tourists and restaurants in Spain are sabotaging the lockdown, patrolling brought helicopters and military

Spanish police in Benidorm had to forcefully drive into the premises of tourists in connection with the introduction of the country on high alert due to the coronavirus. This mode provides for 15-day restriction on the movement of people, closure of bars, restaurants, cultural, entertainment and educational institutions. People are allowed to go out only to work, to buy necessities and medicines.

In Benidorm attempt to close the bars, cafes and restaurants has led to the fact that hundreds of tourists poured into the streets, drinking alcohol. Many of them were drunk. DW reported, citing local press that in several places the police used batons against a particularly violent tourists, and there are victims. In the British editions of information about such incidents no.

In the video, which was actively spread on social networks, it is clear that the police were equipped with batons but did not use them against the tourists, but only pushed some people, they quickly went in that direction.

Pa tu casa, ya. Qué impotencia me entra ver a esta gente en la calle. Es Benidorm. Bien la Policía haciendo su trabajo. Solo JUNTOS vamos a solucionar este problema.

— Roberto Arrocha (@RarrochaR) March 15, 2020

DW also reports that in many places in the city police “flying dishes and bottles”. Police block access to the beaches and other places of a mass congestion of people. There are loudspeakers and drones, of which there are calls to leave the streets.

By midday, the police managed to close most of catering in Benidorm, but many others continue to serve visitors. As writes El Periódico, ban bypass institutions that are owned by foreigners or controlled by them. In one case police had to call in reinforcements against 200 tourists, many of whom were drunk.

As reported by DW a resident of Benidorm, the city has created “a difficult situation”. Thousands of tourists round the year with the rest of the city, joined by hundreds of British and Irish who came to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (March 14). Many tourists stay not in hotels where restaurants are allowed to operate, and private apartments and enjoy the city institutions.

At the same time to leave the resort problematic: many airlines have completely stopped or limited flights to Spain. Difficulties have occurred to Russian tourists. According to the portal more than 30 of Russians vacationing on the island of Tenerife, can’t go back because of the limitations of the flight programs.

“Many tourists tried to fly to Russia via other European cities, but was faced with the cancellation of flights due to stringent quarantine measures throughout Europe. Some tourists bought tickets already 3-4 times and they still cancelled”, – told a source in the room.

To patrol public places in Spain brought helicopters and a military unit of the army for emergency situations. It is beginning preliminary testing in some urban areas, which can be the most dangerous for spreading COVID-19, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the defense Ministry of Spain. Military work in the streets of Madrid, Valencia, Seville, WithArgosy, Leon, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In Santurce, one man was arrested for trying to attack police officers, who forced him to leave the club for violating the order to close. In Malaga forcibly shut down and fined a café whose owner has continued to serve visitors despite the ban. In Costa del Sol have been mobilized police helicopter to catch and to return home runners and cyclists.

Spanish police have threatened the violators of prison time and fines, writes the Sun. So, for the movement of security cordons, which close the entrance to the beach and other places, there is a penalty of 90 pounds, and those who refused to call himself when police inspection, threatens more than 25 thousand pound fine. For runners and cyclists were imposed in the amount from 550 to 1300 pounds, the newspaper said. The penalty for serious breaches of up to 500 thousand pounds.

the interior Minister of Spain, Fernando Grand Marlock did not rule out the closures, and the Minister of transport, mobility and urban agenda of Spain, josé Luis Abalos expressed the view that the regime of high alert in the country will be renewed. “I don’t think in 15 days we will be able to win this battle” – he said (quoted by TASS).

Spain is second in Europe after Italy in the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus. There are more than 7.8 thousand infected and 292 deaths.