The currency? The Economy? Wrong! The weather is the decisive factor determining the booking behavior of tourists in Switzerland. The one who should know: Karl-Heinz Ammon (42), Director of the hotel Cresta in Flims, GR says. “When the sun is shining, people are less price-sensitive,” added Ammon. This is also true for this weekend: The sun is shining in the mountains, the Hotel Cresta is fully booked.

in other words: The strong Swiss franc does not scare you, rather, the weather App lures in the Swiss mountains. “Many of our guests come from Switzerland,” says Ammon. “But around one-fifth visit to us from the neighboring countries, from Germany, France and Italy.” They had been accustomed in the meantime to the strong Swiss franc. Only if it is going to attract new customers, games, the currency is still a role, says Ammon.

heat is weakness of the Euro

throughout The summer, has the Swiss franc appreciated against the Euro. However, it looks like a good summer season for Swiss tourism. First Figures of a survey show the number of overnight Stays compared to the summer of 2018, a growth of 2.8 per cent.

“We are very pleased with the positive feedback from the different providers,” explains André Aschwanden, spokesman for the marketing organization of Switzerland tourism. “However, the heat of the cities and providers the power to create land, while the mountain destinations have benefited from the hot weather.”

Again the weather! And that has filled the Cresta Hotel can be found in this summer. Also, for the Winter of Ammon, is confident: “thanks to the last two snowy Winter, we have received many requests for the coming winter season.”

However, Ammon makes another observation: “The guest book is always short-term. People look where the sun is shining, or where it has snow – and-seek in the Region concerned a Hotel.” The Hoteliers and their staff are facing new challenges – long-term planning is becoming more and more difficult.