because of the pandemic coronavirus Nepal closed for entry, and all of the tourism activity in the country stopped. It is reported on 4 may the newspaper the Himalayan Times.

As expected, in 2020, Nepal will visit more than two million tourists, including thanks to the previously started an advertising campaign “Visit Nepal in 2020”. However, after the start of the pandemic, the flow of tourists dried up. Between the ends of the spring season of climbing on Everest, Annapurna and trekking trips in the mountains.

Local hotels and travel companies are closed until next season starting in November, earning nothing during the spring. In particular, stopped working nearly 1300 hotels of all classes. Meanwhile, tourism and mountaineering is one of the most important sources of income for the local economy and accounts for 8 percent of GDP in Nepal, with the money earned during the spring season, many families live then before winter. In 2019 in Nepal was visited by more than 1.17 million tourists, on average people were left in the country $ 44 a day.

Now the local tourist industry expects that the government will support it. For example, will create jobs mountains cleaning and fixing climbing routes.