early In the season, perhaps even falling prices for permits.

the Trend of rising prices for tours in Russia for the summer traditionally popular areas not reported press service of the Federal tourism Agency. Previously about a possible rise in price of stay in Russia for 30% due increased demand for domestic tourism have informed “news” Vice President Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Alexander Kurnosov. He explained that the closure of borders due pandemic.

In late March, Russia on the background of the spread of coronavirus has closed air communication with other countries — with the exception of export, cargo and mail flights. All Russian hotels and resorts was not working until 1 June. Since the beginning of summer in the regions earned the sanatorium with the medical license. All campers must have a certificate confirming the absence of coronavirus and contacts with infectious patients in the city can not go.

In fact the tourist market, many hotels and sanatoriums of Russia has not opened yet, told “Vedomosti” CEO of tour operator “Dolphin”, the largest operator in the tourism market of Russia, Sergey Romashkin: “what kind Of growth rate can we talk?” According to him, from more than 80 resorts in the Krasnodar region opened about 35, their load does not exceed 5-10%.

For a significant rise in price should be high demand and the shortage of places in hotels, but neither one nor the other is not observed, agrees Sergey Tolchin, Executive Director of “Intourist”.

In the Azimut hotels in Sochi, Nalchik and Tuapse price increase is not planned yet, but it certainly will depend on demand, says Maxim Brodovsky, General Director of Azimut Hotels: there is a demand for July, some of the hotels are already booked by 20-30%. While the prices are at the level of 2016., adds CEO Accor New East Europe Alexis delaroff.

Today, there are many factors that speak in favor of the fact that excessive demand this year may not happen, says Tolchin. The reasons are many: from the reduction of real incomes of the population before the fear of a second wave of the virus. Some Russians lost my job and have no money to travel, and those who work there, will continue to operate and, most likely, will manage this year without a vacation, he said.

the price Increase is theoretically possible only in August to 3-5%, in some best of choices, but the mass increase will not be, says Romashkin: at the start of the season, in July, prices can and do decline — it is necessary once to attract tourists.

Tatiana Romanova